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Vibrator Reviews


Should vibrator reviews ever guide you in your choice of which vibrator to buy? After all, what could be more subjective than choosing a vibrator? I’m very picky about vibrators, but also believe that the only bad vibrator is a dangerous vibrator. Even the most poorly made and ill conceived vibrator can give you pleasure. These vibrator reviews are less about telling you what toy you should buy and more about offering a framework for you to do your own vibrator reviews. Of course after over 20 years of reviewing vibrators I’ve got my opinions, and they’re in there too. Reviews are listed by date not preference.


image of the Fifi rabbit style vibrator
Fifi represents the continuing evolution of the rabbit vibrator. This version comes courtesy of the folks at Je Joue and boasts three powerful motors, a fully waterproof body, and a sleek design.


Image of the Crave Duet USB vibrator
A new high end, discreet vibrator designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. The Duet is also the first vibrator produced thanks to crowd-funding. It charges by plugging into any USB port, and deluxe versions will be available with 8 GB of memory!

Ola Vibrator

Image of the Ola Silicone Vibrator

A completely innovative vibrator from a new Bay area sex toy designer.  What makes the Ola unique is the way you use it.  One end of Ola has a soft pad that is pressure sensitive.  When you squeeze the area, Ola starts to buzz.  Squeeze harder and Ola gets stronger, reduce the intensity of your grip and you'll reduce the intensity of vibration.  And Ola comes with the most intuitive programming interface available, which easily allows you to tell Ola what you want and have it played back.

Trojan Tri-Phoria

Trojan Tri-Phoria Intimate Massager

Following in the footsteps of other condom manufacturers, Trojan entered the vibrator market with wearable and disposable vibrators (the kind that can be worn on the finger, around the base of a penis or dildo).  Tri-Phoria represents it's first significant foray into making serious vibrators.  For a first attempt it's not bad.  Simple and discreet design, a powerful motor, and the three interchangeable attachments offer three distinct sensations.  But for the price, Trojan has a lot of design and customer service catching up to do if they want to give people a reason to buy Trojan instead of the dozen or so other companies offering better designed, more responsive product lines.

Zini Ran


This high end rechargeable vibrator is looking to give manufacturers like LELO and Jimmyjane a run for their money.  Ran is one of the first products from Zini, a new Korean based luxury vibrator maker, and it pays homage to many of the first generation luxury sex toy makers, while adding a few extras of it's own.  Two powerful multi-speed motors make this a toy equally good for external or internal stimulation. The push button controls are intuitive, and the control pad is lit by a multi-color LED display.  It's cost (around $120) make it probably not the best for first timers, but if you know you like vibrators, you may love the Zini Ran.

Toyfriends Bubbly

Toyfriend Bubbly Vibrator

Based on the premise that for some, a vibrator is like a best friend  (or maybe more like best friend with benefits), the Toyfriend line of vibrators offers products that are as powerful, functional, and thoughtfully designed as they are cute and adorable.  Bubbly is a versatile, battery powered, silicone vibrator, suitable for both external and internal use, good for all body parts, sizes, and shapes, and well priced, for the quality.  It's three graduated spheres and five function motor will inspire as much frivolity as it's bright magenta body and bubbly design.  An excellent choice for starter or mid-career vibrator lovers.


Soraya Dual Action Vibrator

In 2010 LELO introduced a new line of vibrators under the brand Insignia, which included Soraya. A design response to the Rabbit Pearl Soraya is a rechargeable, waterproof, dual action vibrator with a completely unique look and feel. The push button controls are a huge improvement over LELO's earlier control pad, and the two powerful motors and silky smooth finish to the silicone feel great. The only difficulty (one that may be unavoidable with dual action vibrators) is that the shaft is long and for some may not allow for maximum contact when using it for both vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation.

Cobra Libre

Image of the Cobra Libre

Ignore the name and unnecessary race car design, the Cobra Libre is a revolution in male sex toys. It's a powerful vibrator and an enveloping silicone sleeve and a toy that will make you touch yourself, and experience pleasure in new ways. Not since the Fleshlight has a sex toy designed for penises offered the possibility of such an open, intense, unique, and rollicking-good-time sexual experience. Highly recommended!

Sex A Peel Banana Vibrator

Lovely Planet

A vibrator that you'll laugh at, and with, the Sex A Peel is a neon pink silicone vibrator that is shaped like a full banana (stem included). Designed for vaginal insertion, but strong enough for external stimulation as well, the Sex A Peel Banana Vibrator is a prayer answered for foodies and food fetishists who want to occasionally mix their culinary and erotic interests more explicitly than watching or flipping through their favorite food porn. It's adorable and functional, and with a relatively good price for a silicone toy, the occasional fantasies it may inspire make it a good addition to the shelves of sex toy collectors.


Natural Contours BonBon Vibrator
Natural Contours

BonBon, the newest vibrator from Candida Royalle and her group of designers at Natural Contours, features a Japanese motor, easy push button controller that cycles through three speeds (including one pulsing setting), and an ergonomic shape that makes it great for solo or partner play. It's noticeably stronger than some of the earlier Natural Contours vibes, and living up to it's name, it looks discreetly like a chocolate (in the box) and like a tiny electronic device when it's not in the box. It can also double as a hands-free vibrator that fits snugly in your underwear and perfectly hugs the pubic bone.

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