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Anal Beads


Anal Beads

Anal beads

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Anal beads, which are also sometimes called “Thai beads” are traditionally a series of balls connected by a cord or string, with a large ring at the other end (to prevent the beads from slipping into the anus and up the rectum). Sometimes the beads start small and get progressively larger, and sometimes they are all the same size.

Anal beads play specifically on the sensations of the sphincter muscles. They are inserted (slowly, and with lots of lubricant) and when they are removed they pass along the two sphincter muscles and some people find this to be very pleasurable (some find it irritating and some find it neither good nor bad).

It’s commonly suggested that anal beads are meant to be inserted during sex play and then pulled out at the point of orgasm. While this is possible, and might be great, you can also play with anal beads any way you like, and getting the perfect orgasm/removal timing can end up being more distracting than anything.

Anal beads can also be used like plugs or dildos in that they can be inserted and removed at any time, and like plugs, they create a general sensation of fullness when worn and not moved around. Because beads are usually quite bulbous, so when they’re pulled out (or pushed in) the wearer can feel every bump.

I recommend avoiding anal beads that are connected by a cord, as there are now many safer and long lasting styles of anal beads that are made of silicone rubber or jelly rubber without any string or cord.

Anal beads are usually available in jelly rubber , silicone , or hard plastic . There are some vibrating anal beads models available as well.

Three important safety concerns:

  1. If you are using hard plastic anal beads, be sure to check them for seams before you first use them and use a nail file to file down any seams.
  2. Make sure that the anal beads you are using have a large enough ring (or base) at the end to prevent them from slipping all the way in.
  3. Remember to always use lubricant for any kind of anal penetration.

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