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Butt Plugs


Butt plug

Butt plug

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Butt plugs, which are also called plugs, and anal plugs are toys designed to be inserted in the anus, and the design allows them to stay in place. People will often use butt plugs by putting them in and then having other kinds of sex while they are in place, or even leaving them in while they do other non sexual things.

The basic design of a butt plug begins small at the tip, gets wider as you move down to the base, and then narrows just before the base, with a wide flared bit at the end.

Butt plugs are usually available in jelly rubber , silicone , acrylic or hard plastic , and metal. There are vibrating butt plugs as well as unplugged-plugs.

Butt plugs don’t have to stay where they are and can be moved around for additional stimulation.

While it can be safe to insert a butt plug and leave it in for a long period of time, there can be a problem as the lubricant dries up. In particular removing a “dry” butt plug can be painful, and if you don’t replenish the lubricant occasionally it’s possible (although not inevitable) that you could do some harm through tearing.

If you’re interested in a butt plug that will stay in for longer periods of time, but plugs that have bulbous heads and longer narrow stems between the head and the base of the toy will stay-put better than regular plugs.

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