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Electric Vibrators

pros, cons and styles of electric vibrators


Electric vibrators were among the first kind of vibrators to be manufactured and widely used. California based sex toy retailer Good Vibrations maintains a fascinating on line antique vibrator museum, which is mostly comprised of electric vibrators from the early 1900s and on. Today, some of the sex toy manufacturers make electric vibrators of inferior quality, but most electric vibrators are made by brand name manufacturers and are of the best quality available.

Pros of electric vibrators include:

  • Stronger than battery vibrators
  • Longer life span
  • Manufacturers offer proper warranties (usually at least one year)
  • They are great for full body massage and sexual use
  • Less threatening for some people

Cons of electric vibrators include:

  • They usually have only two speeds
  • They are more expensive than battery vibrators
  • For some people electric vibrators can be too strong
  • They tend to be loud
  • Unless they are rechargeable (see below) you need to be near an electric outlet

There are three main kinds of electric vibrators:

  1. Wand style
  2. Coil style
  3. Rechargeable

Wand style electric vibrators

These are the strongest vibrators currently available. Some people say they look like hand blenders, but their function is very different. They are made both for full body massage and are great for external sexual stimulation. At the end of a wand is usually a strong two speed motor that whirs and creates intense very “thumpy” vibration. Perhaps the best known of all vibrators, the Hitachi Magic Wand, is a wand style electric vibrator.

Coil style electric vibrators

The most unique aspect of coil style electric vibrators is that they are virtually silent. This is because coil electric vibrators work on a different premise than wand vibrators. There is no motor that whirs, instead there is an electromagnetic coil that the tip of the vibrator vibrates against 60 times per second. The result is a completely silent vibrator that feels much more “buzzy” or “pointed” than the wand style vibrators.

Rechargeable electric vibrators

As the name suggests, these electric vibrators can be plugged in and will hold a charge for a period of time without being plugged in. Usually they need to be charged for six hours or more, and will hold a charge for about 30 minutes. Most are not as strong as the permanent plug in models, but they can be more convenient, as you don’t always need to be near an electrical outlet to use them. The main drawback to the rechargeable electric vibrators is that the charge always runs out at the worst possible time. Many rechargeable models are available with more than two speeds, making them a good option for people who want quality, but are afraid of the power of electric vibrators.
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