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D-I-Y S-E-X: An Interview with Homemade-Sex-Toys.com


Homemade-Sex-Toys.com began in 2003 and while they have slowed down significantly with new offerings, the site offers a virtual treasure trove of ideas, inspirations, and step-by-step instructions for the homemade sex toy enthusiast. The site offers photographs and illustrations that take you through the steps of making everything from a watermelon masturbator to cell phone vibrators. Whether you are a nervous newbie to sex toy arts and crafts or an old pro, homemade-sex-toys.com will have something that will either make you smile, or make you smile.

Modesty becomes the founders of homemade-sex-toys.com and while they prefer not to disclose their identities, they kindly agreed to an email interview about their site and their DIY passion.

Where did the inspiration for Homemade-Sex-Toys.com come from?

We had another website where people were submitting their masturbation tips and we were amazed by the creativity in the homemade sex toys people were producing. So we illustrated some of the best ones and launched the site. Over time we expanded the site with other projects we devised on our own as well as recreating more user submissions.

What is the most popular homemade sex toy on the site?

Well, the Lightsaber caught a lot of people's attention, we did that in honor of the final Star Wars movie.

The PC Case Mods also got an incredible amount of attention.

If by "most popular" you mean most used, there's no question, people are using their toothbrushes more than anything else.

Have you ever wanted to make something at home that you've never been able to successfully create?

We have a few exercise-related projects we're still trying to figure out how to implement. Going from the inspiration of an idea to actual implementation can take several months.

If money wasn't an issue, would you still make your own sex toys?

Of course. There's something uniquely personal about a toy you make with your own hands. Like good sex, good sex toys should be improvisational, unique, and fun.

Are you DIY generalists? Do you make other things at home, or is it just sex toys?

Well, we couldn't do our projects without being handy with tools, etc., but I'd say we're more into crafts/art than anything else.

Do you use the toys you make regularly, or is it more about the fun of making them?

Well, some are more useful than others. For instance, the pumpkin sex toys are more decorative than useful, while something like the beer cozy pocket pussy lives up to its promise.

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