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Anal Sex Toys

Different Categories and Styles of Anal Sex Toys


There are three main kinds of anal sex toys; plugs, anal beads, and anal dildos.
Anal Sex Toys
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What makes a sex toy an anal sex toy is that it will be designed for both safety and comfort during anal sex play. Most importantly, anal sex toys will have a wide base or end to prevent the sex toy from slipping up into the rectum. Anal sex toys should also be smooth and seamless, non-porous and easy to clean. There are three main kinds of anal sex toys.

Butt plugs (also called anal plugs, or just plugs) are designed to be inserted in the anus and stay in place. Some people use butt plugs by putting them in and then having other kinds of sex while they are in place, or even leaving them in while they do other non-sexual things. When a butt plus is inserted some find the feeling of fullness and pressure to be highly pleasurable. Also once inserted some people enjoy the feeling of sexual arousal and orgasm with a butt plug in place.

Anal beads (also called Thai beads) are traditionally a series of balls connected by a cord or string, with a large ring at the other end (to prevent the beads from slipping up the rectum). Sometimes the beads start small and get progressively larger, and sometimes they are all the same size. Anal beads play specifically on the sensations of the sphincter muscles. They are inserted (slowly, and with lots of lubricant) and when they are removed they pass along the two sphincter muscles and some people find this to be very pleasurable (some find it irritating and some find it neither good nor bad).

An anal dildo is any dildo that has no sharp edges or seams and a flared base designed to prevent it from going all the way in. Dildos designed specifically for anal use tend to be either smaller or curved for male anal play, designed to stimulation the prostate. Different than butt plugs, anal dildos are usually used for in/out style penetration, and the main considerations when choosing an anal dildo is the size of the toy and the material.

Choosing an anal sex toy depends first on the kind of anal stimulation you’re interested in and if you have no idea, it’s recommended to begin by exploring your body on your own, making use of latex or non-latex gloves and lots of lubricant.

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