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Strap Ons

Different Categories and Styles of Strap On Dildo Harnesses


Strap ons are available in a variety of materials and designs and range in price from $30 to several hundred dollars.
Strap Ons
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The primary function of a strap on is to allow the wearer to use a dildo without having to hold it in their hands. Most strap ons are worn around the waist such that the dildo sits roughly where a penis is on a man’s body. Strap ons can make penetration play with dildos more fun and more intense as the dildo can become more of an extension of the wearer and less an inanimate object between two people. Strap ons also facilitate a kind of role play referred to as gender play or gender bending. A good quality strap on is one that will keep the dildo tight against the body of the person wearing it, giving them the most amount of fine control over the dildo when they move.

The three main differences among strap ons is how they are worn, what the strap on is made of, and what it looks like.

Most people use strap ons that go around the waist and are either adjusted by snaps, buckles or straps. Some strap ons are designed to go around the thigh, and others can be worn on the hand, the face, or simply strapped to a piece of furniture. The two main styles of strap on are “two strap” sometimes called “jock style” that have two straps that run between the legs and one strap, sometimes called “g string style” that only has one strap.

Strap ons are commonly made from leather, rubber, and nylon webbing. Leather is arguably the best quality material for a strap on as, when it’s good quality leather, it will soften and form to the body shape of the wearer over time. Rubber is very durable but doesn’t breathe like leather and can feel confining and binding. On the plus side, rubber strap ons are easier to clean and can be used in water. Nylon harnesses are also easy to keep clean and are inexpensive, but they tend to fit looser and not provide as much control.

Some people want a strap on that is the least noticeable and acts as if it isn’t there at all. Others like the clothing aspect of a harness and care a great deal about the look. Some strap ons have a lot of metal hardware, some come in sparkly materials, and some are designed to be worn under clothes in addition to being used with the dildo out.

When possible, it’s ideal to choose a strap on in a store where you can try a few different styles on. If you’re shopping online be sure you get the waist and/or hip measurements and that you understand the return policy if the strap on doesn’t fit.

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