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Sex Toy Materials – Hard Plastics


What are hard plastic sex toys made of?:

  • There are a variety of hard plastics used to make sex toys. They are non-porous materials.
  • This means they are easier to keep clean, and people are less likely to react to them.
  • These materials do not contain phthalates.
  • These toys are usually suitable for people concerned with allergic reactions or chemical sensitivities.

Taking care of hard plastic sex toys:

  • To clean hard plastic sex toys you can use soap, rubbing alcohol, or bleach (if you are using alcohol or bleach, be careful to rinse thoroughly).
  • Care should be taken to avoid dropping hard plastic sex toys , as they may crack. Even if the motor is still functioning, a cracked vibrator should not be used as the edges could be sharp.
  • You can use any water based or silicone based personal lubricants with hard plastic toys.

Safer sex and hard plastic sex toys:

  • It is possible to transmit infections on sex toys that have not been sterilized even if they have been washed.
  • Because most hard plastic sex toys cannot be boiled (like silicone sex toys ) use a condom to keep them clean and free of bacteria.
  • If you are going to share a sex toy with a partner use a condom on the toy to prevent transmission of bodily fluids.
  • While it is not recommended, if you are going to use a toy both vaginally and anally use a condom to prevent transmission of bacteria.
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