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Silicone Sex Toys


While silicone has likely been used in small amounts in sex toy manufacturing over the years, the earliest sex toys made from 100% silicone were dildos made by a company called Scorpio Products (if you're curious, Susie Bright offers this history lesson from On Our Backs). Today silicone toys include dildos, vibrators, anal toys, ball gags, and more. While it's always a bit more expensive, silicone is recommended for many reasons.

Silicone has many benefits, including::

  • Warms up to body temperature and holds that temperature longer than hard plastic.
  • Transmits vibrations well, so even a weaker motor feels stronger if it is in a silicone toy.
  • Non-porous, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and more durable.
  • For the above reasons it's recommended for people concerned about having allergic reactions to sex toys materials.
  • Available in a wide variety of densities, and an unbelievable range of shapes and colors.

What Silicone Toys are Made Of:

  • Be aware that manufacturers may call their products silicone even if they contain only a small percentage of silicone. Those toys are more accurately described as being silicone/rubber mixes. On this page silicone toys refer to those that are made of 100% or almost 100% silicone.
  • Toys that are 100% silicone are soft, chemically inert and hypoallergenic.
  • This material does not contain phthalates.

Taking Care of Silicone Toys:

  • You can use soap, rubbing alcohol, or bleach to clean silicone sex toys (if you are using alcohol or bleach, be careful to rinse thoroughly).
  • Providing there are no moving parts (vibrators), you can boil silicone sex toys in water, or put them on the top shelf of your dishwasher to clean. Different manufacturers suggest different lengths of time, usually between 3-5 minutes for boiling.
  • You can use a water based or oil based personal lubricants but do not use silicone based lubricants as they will destroy silicone toys.
  • Silicone is very durable, but can tear easily. Keep sharp edges away from your silicone toys.

Safer Sex Tips:

  • It is possible (although difficult) to transmit infections on sex toys that have not been sterilized even if they have been washed.
  • Silicone sex toys may be boiled in water for between 3-5 minutes. To prevent transmission of bodily fluids or bacteria it is recommended that you boil your toy following the instructions provided by the manufacturer
  • If you are going to share a sex toy with a partner use a condom on the toy to prevent transmission of bodily fluids, or boil your toy before a new person uses it.
  • While it is not recommended, if you are going to use a toy both vaginally and anally use a condom to prevent transmission of bacteria, or boil your toy between uses.

Popular Silicone Toy Manufacturers:

Most companies that specialize in silicone sex toys stick with using 100% silicone. Some of the larger manufacturers will offer a line of silicone toys but it's hard to know what's really in them. Here, in alphabetical order, are some of the most popular and reputable manufacturers who offer 100% silicone products:

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