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How to Choose a Dildo


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Dildo Function: Harness Compatible Dildos
How to Choose a Dildo

Dildos with a flared base designed for harness use

Choosing the best dildo depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to use your dildo in a dildo harness, there are three things to make sure you look for in a dildo:

  • make sure your dildo has a wide flared base
  • make sure your dildo is firm and flexible enough for use in a harness
  • it is recommended to get a dildo that is at least five inches long

If you are using your dildo in a harness you don’t need to use the whole length, but a dildo that’s too short can be annoying in a harness. It is also better to get a firmer dildo for harness use, although metal, glass, and acrylic dildos are not recommended for harnesses. Silicone dildos are ideal for harness use, if they are in your price range.

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