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How to Choose a Vibrator


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Choosing Vibrator Function: Vibrators for External and Clitoral Stimulation
How to Choose a Vibrator

While the majority of vibrators are phallic shaped most people use vibrators for external stimulation. If you’re looking for a vibrator for external stimulation only, you should consider buying a hard plastic vibrator. Hard plastic vibrators:

  • tend to be stronger than soft rubber vibrators
  • are easier to clean
  • don’t bend when you press them against your body allowing you to better adjust the pressure of the vibrator

External hard plastic vibrators can be small bullet or egg style vibrators, or longer wand style vibrators. They may be battery powered vibrators or electric (plug-in) vibrators.

The main differences between vibrators for external stimulation are:

  • the strength and quality of the motor
  • the type of vibration (there is buzzing, thumping, rotating, pulsating, and more)
  • the texture of the vibrator (ridges, bumps, smooth)
  • shape, size and color

If this is your first vibrator it is probably best to choose one with variable speed.
More tips on buying a vibrator based on function.

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