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How to Choose a Vibrator


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Choosing Vibrator Function: Vibrators for Penetration
How to Choose a Vibrator

Vibrators designed for internal stimulation

While most people use vibrators for external stimulation others love the feeling of a vibrator for penetration. More people choose soft rubber vibrators for penetration, as they find hard plastic vibrators too jarring. But there are no rules to buying the right vibrator, and as long a vibrator is safe for penetration (no sharp edges) then you can use a hard or soft vibrator for penetration.

More and more vibrators for penetration are designed for g-spot stimulation. These vibrators will have a curve near the tip, which makes it easier to stimulate the g-spot as soft rubber toys can bend when inserted into the vagina. G-spot vibrators can also be used to stimulate the prostate in men, provided they are safe for anal use.

Aside from g-spot vibrators, vibrators designed for penetration differ mainly in:

  • their size
  • the material they are made of: jelly rubber , silicone , cyberskin, or vinyl
  • the strength and quality of the motor
  • the type of vibration (buzzing, thumping, rotating, pulsating, and more)
  • whether it is single speed of multi-speed, and what type of switch is used to adjust the speed

Most of these differences can be decided based on personal preference, but if this is your first vibrator be sure not to pick something too big, and to choose one that has variable speed.

If you are concerned about the safety of sex toy materials, you can either stick with silicone or hard plastic , or if buying a less expensive rubber vibrator, be sure to use condoms each time you use the vibrator.
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