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How to Choose a Vibrator


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Choosing Vibrator Material: Hard Plastic and Metal Vibrators
How to Choose a Vibrator

Hard plastic vibrators come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Hard plastic vibrators are ideal for external stimulation, and as long as they are seamless and have no rough edges or corners, they can also be used for penetration. Some of the benefits of hard plastic vibrators include:

  • stronger feeling vibration
  • easier to keep clean
  • less likely to cause an allergic reaction
  • they don’t bend when you are applying pressure with your vibrator

There are a few vibrators that are made out of various metals, including gold , titanium , and aluminium. These vibrators have several additional benefits. They have a weight to them which can be very pleasurable when used for penetration, and the material makes the vibration resonate in a different fashion, which is noticeable when using it. Metal toys also cool down and warm up, adding another element to the sensation. These natural materials are also very safe and clean, and easy to keep clean.

If this is your first vibrator, and you’re looking for something to use externally for clitoral stimulation, hard plastic might be the way to go. Metal vibrators, while highly prized, do tend to be more expensive and may not be a great idea for first timers.
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