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How to Choose a Vibrator


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Vibrator Quality and Price: Luxury Vibrators
How to Choose a Vibrator

Some examples of high quality vibrators.

If you know what you like in terms of function, material, and strength of vibration, and you have the budget for it, high quality vibrators are well worth the money. There are several elements that can make a vibrator high quality.

Material: If the vibrator is made of 100% silicone or elastomers , it is better quality and you’re less likely to react to it. If it’s made of a natural metal, or high quality plastic you are also less likely to have a reaction.

Quality of motor: As a generality, Japanese motors in vibrators tend to be better quality. It can be difficult to know if a product that says Japanese on it really is, or even if it really has a Japanese motor. If you are purchasing from established and trusted companies like Vibratex, you can be sure that what it says on the package is what’s inside the vibrator.

Design: Small companies that are run by people who actually use sex toys often will come up with more functional designs. They may still make a well designed toy that won’t last very long, but the smaller outfits tend to stick to high quality across the board.
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