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Sex Toy Gifts

The Hottest Sex Toys for Gift and Holiday Giving


Cobra Libre

Image of the Cobra Libre
Fun Factory
Not an inexpensive gift, but my number one recommendation for 2010, the Cobra Libre is a revolution in penis-focused sex toys. Powerful vibration, seductive design elements, and a shape that will literally have them touching themselves in new and erotic ways, the Cobra Libre offers buzz and suction and fun. $140

OhMiBod Better Than Chocolate

ohmibod better than chocolate vibrator
Better Than Chocolate was one of last years sex toy gift picks and this year they have a well deserved place at the top of the list for their collaboration with the music-powered sex toy folks at OhMiBod. This special edition vibrator will buzz to music from an iPod, iPhone, or any mp3 player, wirelessly, from up to 25 feet away (although it's not the greatest around corners). It's also Skype compatible, plug it into your computer and talk with a partner and the toy will vibrate to the sound of your lovers voice. It's also a fully functional high quality vibrator on it's own. A great gift for music lovers and anyone in a long distance relationship. $100

Two Dildo

Two Dildo by Wet for Her
Wet for Her
A great gift idea for a partner who enjoys penetration but is turned off by the phallocentric design of most dildos. Developed, according to the company site, by two lesbian-identified French women, the Two Dildo approaches digital stimulation with a twist. A wearable dildo that fits over the fore and middle finger and extends both the length and girth of your fingers, Two is made of 100% silicone, and brings a welcome sense of fun and intrigue to sex play. $40

Toyfriend Bubbly

Toyfriend Bubbly Vibrator
Tickler, Inc.
Bubbly is one of a new and adorable line of silicone "personality" vibrators, each with their own unique shape, color, and back story. Bubbly, according to the product literature, is a vibrator with balls, both literal and metaphoric, and once you take her for a spin, you'll be likely to agree. The Toyfriends are a great gift idea if you're looking for a mid- quality sex toy that's seriously functional but still frivolous and nonthreatening in presentation. Bright colors, easy to use single push button switches, multiple speeds, fully waterproof, and each Toyfriend comes with a simple stand for storage. $54

Mystic Wand Rechargeable

mystic wand rechargeable vibrator
There wasn't much that could have been done to improve the original Mystic Wand vibrator, but the good people at Vibratex did it by offering the exact same product, but with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for batteries. The Rechargeable Mystic Wand has the same powerful six-setting motor, easy to use push button switch, and easy to clean silicone body. It's great for external stimulation and attachments are available to use it for penetration. It's discreet shape and design make it a good choice for anyone without a lot of privacy. $90


LELO Tor vibrating ring
An update from their first vibrating penis ring called Bo, the Tor delivers a greater buzz and more functionality, while maintaining LELO's Swedish design aesthetic. The top of the rechargeable Tor is hard plastic and the ring is soft rubber, when worn on a penis it can be positioned up to provide stimulation for a partner during intercourse, or down for your own stimulation. It also fits easily around the base of a dildo for added stimulation. The motor has six vibration settings and the powerful vibrations can run for two hours on a single charge. Simply the top of the line in vibrating rings. $109


A perfect gift for the luxury lover of g-spot stimulation, G-Ki is a high end, attractive, and smartly designed vibrator built specifically but not exclusively for g spot stimulation. The G-Ki has two internal adjustable hinges which allows the user to significantly alter the curve of the toy. This does make it ideal for stimulating the g spot, but also allows for simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation. The G-Ki is also fully waterproof, rechargeable, and made of 100% silicone exterior. $99

Njoy Pure Wand

njoy pure wand
nJoy Toys
Dildos can be a tricky gift, size and shape being so much of what goes into the right dildo for the right person. But if you know they're serious about penetration, it's unlikely the receiver of a Pure Wand will be disappointed. Beautifully crafted in medical-grade stainless steel, the Pure Wand is great for both g spot and prostate stimulation and has a feel and weight (24 ounces to be precise) to it that makes it almost as much fun to have in your hands as to have in other body parts. Each nJoy product is presented in a lovely satin lined storage box, but these are objects that could just as easily be displayed on a mantle. $108

Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand
If you know you want to get a sex toy, and you just aren't sure where to start, you'll find no better place than the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the best selling vibrators on the planet. It's not new, but it remains a favorite of sex toy connoisseurs and sex shop owners for a reason. Durable, great for solo or partner play, useful for full body massage as well as sexual use, the Magic Wand is a gift that gives back for years to come. And you won't find a better deal in terms of bang for you buck. $54

Sensua Suede Whip

lelo sensua suede whip
Delicate but tough, this suede flogger is compact and stylish, and perfect for anyone eager to explore the world of sensations that accompany the willing exchange of power, pleasure, and pain. The polished metal and acrylic handle offer a good weight, allowing you to use the Sensua for both mild and relatively intense impact. Given as a gift, Sensua may say as much about what you'd like done to you, as what you'd like to do. Comes in a sleek gift/storage box. $44
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