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Sex Toy Gifts

The Hottest Sex Toys for Gift and Holiday Giving


Better Than Chocolate

Nomi Tang
A great gift for someone who knows what they like (and what they like is external stimulation) Better Than Chocolate is high end in both quality of motor and material, plus it’s intuitive touch pad controls are new enough to the industry that they feel decadent in the way a gift should. It’s also discreet and battery operated, which makes it easy to travel with if you’re doing your gift giving away from home. $80


You know a company has developed a brand when you start to look forward to their take on classic sex toys. And that’s how I felt when I heard that Lelo was turning their considerable design and construction attention to the rabbit vibrator. Providing simultaneous clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration INA is made of silicone, is rechargeable, and holds a four-hour charge after just two hours of charging. INA also features a much better user interface for it’s multi-speed eight modes of vibration than the sometimes-confusing original dial design. Finally the folks at Lelo deserve special mention for their command of color. I would never have thought orange and green vibrators could be so appealing. $179

Fleshlight Vibro

If you’re going to buy one toy for a guy this holiday season make it the Fleshlight Vibro. The Fleshlight is a male sex toy without equal, and the only thing I could ever say it lacked was vibration. To the companies credit they don’t introduce new products until they have something they can stand behind, and after many years they’ve just released the Fleshlight Vibro. The toy comes with three removable motors that slide into the underside of the opening. Easy to clean, easy to replace, and you can adjust the vibration by using one, two, or all three motors. They’ve also created a new internal ribbed texture for the vibrating model. A family owned company and a toy that will last for years and years make this a wise investment. $98

Jimmyjane Form 2

I haven’t had the chance to check out the newest addition to Jimmyjane’s line of luxury vibrators in person yet, but I’ve got a good feeling about Form 2. It’s their take on the kind of stimulation produced by the fluttering ears on a rabbit vibrator, but this being Jimmyjane the toy is much more than a knock off. Two powerful motors, one in each ear, produce what they call “sensation in stereo”. Form 2 is waterproof, rechargeable (without cords), and comes with a three-year warranty. Since I don’t already own one, it’s on my wish list. $135

Mystic Wand

Almost any toy from Vibratex, the nicest Japanese vibrator company on the planet, is a good bet for holiday giving, but if I had to pick one this year it would be the new Mystic Wand. Inspired, I suspect, by the Hitachi Magic Wand, this little guy is a portable powerhouse, and relatively quiet given it’s speed. It has a flexible silicone head (they promise attachments sometime soon) and six modes of vibration. It both looks like and functions as a full body massager, so if you need an excuse you can always say it’s for your back. $68.

Ride On

Vixen Creations
This may seem like a strange recommendation for a holiday sex toy, but even if erectile dysfunction isn’t part of your sex life, I think playing with the Ride On forces you to get sexually creative in ways that are well worth the fumbling effort it takes to figure it out. Also, erectile dysfunction IS a part of most men’s sex lives at some point, and there’s no reason to let the fiction of a perfect holiday season get in the way of having great sex. Ride On is a high quality silicone dildo and penile prosthesis that fits over a penis and is meant to be used for intercourse without an erection. It feels and looks great, and requires both partners to tune into each other and into their own sensations to find new pathways to pleasure. $69

Lovemoiselle Ceramic Vibrators

I fell in love with these toys the first time I spied them in a Lovely Planet catalog. Some sex toys are made for gifting, and these brilliant ceramic vibrators are those kinds of vibrators. They are delicate and pretty but powerful and durable (I tried to break mine but failed, happily). They’re also waterproof and firm enough to make excellent massage tools. Each vibrator has two speeds and four modes of vibration. $70

OhMiBod Freestyle

Never ones to rest on their laurels (or I guess at this time of year it would be wreaths?) the folks at OhMiBod have created the world’s first wireless music-responsive vibrator. The vibrator itself is waterproof and vibrates in beat to the music that can be playing on an iPod up to twenty-five feet away. It’s also rechargeable and holds a five-hour charge after two hours of charging. You can also use it on it’s own as it functions as a waterproof seven vibration mode, multi-speed vibrator safe for external stimulation and penetration. Ideal for music lovers and techies alike. $130.


Fun Factory
Perfect for the holidays, the Ellove vibrator is actually whisper quiet (so many vibes make that claim so few deliver). It’s also one of the most powerful battery powered vibrators on the market. From the German sex toy maker Fun Factory Ellove is a luxury variation on their silicone vibrators. It has a better cap, more power, quieter operation, and a “power booster” button that let’s you turn up the power at whatever setting you’re on. It’s also made of silicone so it’s easy to clean, durable, and warms to body temperature. Not recommended for first timers, if you’ve got a vibrator lover on your list they won’t likely be disappointed finding this under the tree. $95



The Sqweel is by far the funniest vibrator option this holiday season. Developed from a design-your-dream-sex-toy contest run by the UK online sex shop LoveHoney, the Sqweel is a unique sensation vibrator that doesn’t purr so much as it laps. A spinning wheel with ten soft rubber tongues, the Sqweel is great for every body, and does much more than a non-stop imitation of cunnilingus. $60.

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