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Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Christmas and Holiday Gifts for 25 Dollars or Less



bnaughty bullet vibrator
Image courtesy of Babeland

A great update on a classic bullet vibrator, the Bnaughty has a velvety soft exterior but offers the strength of a hard plastic vibrator. Waterproof and multi-speed, it’s also available in three handsome colors (red, black, and mahogany). Perfect for first time vibrator owners and old pros looking for a stylish travel friendly toy. $28

Good Clean Love

good clean love personal lubricant
Image courtesy of Good Clean Love

Good for your body and good fro the earth, Good Clean Love makes organic and “99.99%” vegan lubricants. Infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla they are petroleum free and come in both flavored and unflavored styles. Personal lubricant literally reduces the stress of all holiday interactions; although I’d recommend only giving this to someone you plan on having intimate interactions with. $16

Tantric Sex Deck

Tantric Sex Deck
Image courtesy of Chronicle Books

A beautifully illustrated deck of fifty cards offer a little of the history of Tantra along with modern how-to interpretations of the ancient text. Tips on tapping into a deeper sexual energy, exploring multiple orgasms, playing with roles, and more are offered in an easy to follow and non threatening way. You can give the whole deck, or buy it and then dole out the cards one at a time for a long lasting gift (to go with your new 24 hour long orgasms). $15

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Snowball Vibe

snowball vibrator
Doc Johnson

Snowball is one of a series of micro vibrators whose calm exteriors and cutesy looks betray a powerful vibrator lying in wait. Turn it on and the buzz is intense. Snowball isn’t top quality, but it’s not top dollar either. Great introductory vibe, particularly for toy collectors and Hello Kitty fans. $12.00

Hot & Sticky Notes

hot and sticky notes
Image courtesy of Chronicle Books

I appreciate the theory of these sex themed sticky notes enough to recommend them; but I’m not sure how practical it is to start leaving notes around the house detailing what exactly you want to do with your lover, where, when, and for how long. On the other hand, it will force you to develop your creativity by finding places private enough not to get you in trouble, and public enough to make your partner blush exactly the way you want them to. $9

Colore Moi Body Paint

Colore Moi Body Paint
Fun Factory

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this newest edible body paint, and it’s no surprise given that it’s from the ingenious and sex loving Fun Factory. They can be applied equally well with a brush or your fingers, body painting is a great way to get primal in the bedroom (only, you should probably avoid getting primal on your favorite sheets). Available in flavors like licorice, vanilla, lime, and mint, and about eight different colors. $16


bootie butt plug
Image courtesy of Babeland

I’ve seen a lot of butt plugs in my time, and Bootie has to be the cutest one I’ve ever come across. Its compact size, seamless construction, and tapered tip and base make it great for beginners, and its curve offers prostate stimulation for guys. If you’re even thinking “anal sex toy” for the holidays, think Bootie. $33

Nipplettes Vibrating Clamps

vibrating nipple clamps

Waterproof and wireless, these vibrating nipple clamps don’t pinch as much as they hug, providing a subtle stimulation that’s great on lots of body parts. The color and velvety coating creates a much more inviting kind of pinch than one might imagine from a toy that has the word “nipple” and “clamp” in it. Plus they can double as clip on earrings for a last minute holiday office party. $22

Sex Scratchers

Image courtesy of Chronicle Books

This book of 100 sexy scratch-and-win tickets is a perfect stocking stuffer for lottery lovers and anyone looking for a fun and non-threatening way to spice up their sex life. Similar in concept to “sex checks” each game leaves the player with something to do, or have done to them. With games like Pirate’s Booty, Dirty Dice, and Bondage Bingo, there’s a card for every taste (and a winner in every card). $9

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Erotic Magnet Poetry Kit

Several years ago the makers of the popular magnetic poetry kit pushed their own envelope with a sexual version, containing 400 extremely and exquisitely naughty magnetized words. Use it to leave sexy notes for your partner or let guests delve deep into their erotic psyche. Just remember to rearrange any incriminating phrases before you host the next family dinner. $20

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