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Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Christmas and Holiday Gifts for 25 Dollars or Less


Once you've got all your big budget sex toy shopping out of the way the smart shopping begins. Whether it's the perfect stocking stuffer for your new lover, an (appropriate) sexual themed gag gift for the office Secret Santa, or a small reminder that the holidays aren't just about family-rated fun, here is a line-up of new and old favorites, all under $25.

Because good bargains never go out of style, you can see previous year's sex toy bargains by clicking "next" at the bottom of the page.

The Prick Cushion

a beige stuffed penis made of felt like fabric, with pins sticking out of it.
A sweet little gift for the crafter or sewer in your life, this Etsy shop offers pin cushions in both circumcised and uncircumcised styles. They have a uterus too! The product comes with a clear warning from the crafter: "Made for fun not fury." $16.50

Truth or Dare Pick a Stick Game

a cylindar container with flat sticks, looks like a pencil holder with pencils sticking out of it.
Good Vibrations
Not to be confused with Pick Up Sticks, a game that usually produces more anxiety than arousal, this twist on truth or dare is played out with 50 sticks. On each stick one side prompts you to share a truth about sex, on the other side, a frisky dare. May or may not go well with egg nog. $14.95

Adult Mad Libs: Queer Edition

A book cover, title reads "Adult Made Libs, the worlds greatest pride game"
She Bop
In truth the adult Mad Libs that are available have been somewhat disappointing to me. But ______ (noun) springs eternal. This edition features 21 original stories about all things gay pride related. $5

Erotic Ink Bullet Vibe

a gold vibrator shaped like a bullet that has a colour tatto style illustration on it of a skull.
Rocks Off
Perfect for tattoo lovers and travelers, this three speed waterproof mini vibrator is available with a classic dagger or rose design. I'm not sure about the manufacturers claims of providing "breathtaking stimulation of your clitoris" (clitoris is neither included nor required) but I can think of about a dozen people I know who would love to have one of these handy for both aesthetic and kinesthetic reasons. $20

ÜberLube Travel Pumps

a small glass bottle with a pump dispenser and the word uberlube on the bottle.
Uber Lube
Another great gift for the sexually active traveler, überlube is marketed as a lubricant, hair product, and anti-chafe treatment for runners, and it's great for all three. Available in durable and sleek glass bottles, with an easy to use pump dispenser and cool silver case. Not for use with silicone toys. $15

Magnetic Nipple Balls

four silver balls arranged in a circle.
The Stockroom
A set of four tiny magnetic balls that can be positioned with skin between them to create a unique stimulation (from mild to "heavy duty"). Ideal for nipples stimulation, but limited only by your imagination and desire for pleasure through pain. The magnets can be warmed under hot water or cooled in the refrigerator. $23

MustachiO Vibrator

two soft rubber mustaches, each has straps at the end to be put around the ears so it can be worn.
Good Vibrations
A fun idea that works much better as a joke than it does as a vibrator. A silicone-blend mustache vibrator that is meant to be worn during oral sex. The vibrator is mild and disappointingly disposable (it lasts for 30 minutes and the battery can't be replaced). Not to mention the annoying-ness of having a vibrating upper lip. Still, if there's an inside joke involving mustaches in your life (and isn't there one in everyone's life?) then this might be $14 worth of laughs. $14

Fifty Days of Play Game

A box with a B&W photo of a man and woman on the cover and series of different colored envelopes.
In case you haven't had enough of 50 Shades of Grey, Creative Labs has put together a kit inspired by the series only in so far as the sex play and romantic scenarios focus on dominance and submission. Secret envelopes give each partner instructions on what to do, with five levels of intensity, and color coded envelopes that define who is dominant and who is submissive on any given day. I feel like this should come with the same sort of caveat that the series itself should have come with. $14

Sliquid Organics Massage Oil

A tall brown plastic bottle with a black cap.
Come As You Are
Vibrators that talk, pasties with flashing lights, a monogrammed full leather body suit. These may be impressive and more than suggestive sexual gifts, but as long as you gift it like you mean it, there are few things that will produce as much joy and gratitude as a loving touch. This organic massage oil from lube maker Sliquid is a sweet way of saying I want to touch you now. $16

The Little Book of Pussy

a book cover with a photo of a womans body from belly to thighs, wearing black panties.
This slang term was most recently revived by the infamous mayor of Toronto Rob Ford, who used it during a morning press conference (he was clarifying that he had not engaged in a particular sex act which, if taken literally, would amount to eating a cat). But whether it's a term you like or hate, it's hard to begrudge long time sex editor Dian Hanson the use of it on the cover of this cute little homage to the vulva. 192 pages, $10
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