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Sex Toys for Couples

Recommended Sex Toys for Couples to Use Together


Sex toys can be a great way for couples to explore new sexual sensations and possibilities. Because they are toys (and often silly) they can also serve as a wonderful reminder that sex is meant to be fun, and a form of adult play.

If it's the first time you're trying this sex toy (or the first time with a partner) I recommend partners take it for a test run on their own first. It alleviates some of the pressure and gives everyone a chance to see what works for them with the toy, which is information you can share, or simply demonstrate.

Most sex toys can be used by two people, or by one person on another. Below are some of my top picks for sex toys for couples.

Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand
The Magic Wand made its name as a top masturbation sex toy. But despite its size, it’s great for couples as well. Start by using it as a full-body massager -- a great way to ease into sex play and shake up expectations. The soft head is also great for genital stimulation (him or her), and the wand fits easily between partners during intercourse. Attachments are available to use the Magic Wand for penetration, but take turns holding it while you have sex and you won’t believe the intensity of feeling that results. So powerful and pleasurable you’ll forget the noise, and forget its there.

We Vibe

We Vibe 3 Couples Vibrator
Standard Innovation
Hailed by many retailers as the world's best selling couples sex toy, this Canadian invention offers a unique solution to the problem of not enough clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The We Vibe is designed to be worn during penetration play. One arm is inserted vaginally while the other rests against the clitoris. The We Vibe stays in place during penetration and offers vibration for both partners. A high quality rechargeable vibrator plus an easy to clean silicone body make the We Vibe worth the money for those looking for more stimulation. It doesn’t work as well in all sex positions, but experimenting and finding the right one can be part of the fun.

Daring Dolphin Vibrator

Daring Dolphin Wearable Vibrator
Good Vibrations
A much less expensive, less invasive, and less successful way of introducing more clitoral stimulation to any kind of intercourse, the Daring Dolphin nonetheless is a toy that has it's admirers. A small vibrator is attached to straps which go around the legs and waist and can be positioned over the clitoris to provide clitoral stimulation. The straps don't get in the way of anything during vaginal or anal intercourse. For some couples (and dolphin lovers) this offers a simple and cost effective solution to an age old complaint.

Shag Factory Double Decker Ring

Double Decker Vibrating Ring
Shag Factory
All wearable toys are a compromise. When you aren't holding onto the toy you have less control, less ability to apply pressure, and it can more easily slip out of place at the wrong moment. But the Double Decker Ring offers two large, wireless, removable motors which buzz enough to work well even if it isn't in exactly the right position.

Tor II

Tor Vibrating Ring
Tor functions much like other vibrating rings, it can be worn around the base of the penis or around the base of a dildo. What makes Tor unique is the quality and durability of the sex toy. A luxury vibrating ring, Tor is designed by Swedish sex toy maker LELO and offers a powerful rechargeable motor that runs for up to four hours on a single charge. I would recommend starting with a less expensive ring to experiment. But for couples who already know a vibrating ring delivers the extra oomph they’re looking for, Tor is definitely worth the investment.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH

ohmibod club vibrator 2.0H
All remote control vibrators offer an opportunity for teasing and playing with sexual control, but the OhMiBod Club Vibe offers a musical twist. Not only can one partner slip the slim curved vibrator discreetly down their pants (or anywhere they choose) allowing the other partner to control the vibration at up to 20 feet away, but you can switch the vibe to music mode and instead the cordless vibrator buzzes to the beat of the music in the room.

Door Jam Sling

door jam sex sling
Slings and sex swings come in all sizes, materials, and designs. One drawback to most of them is that they require permanent installation of hooks or other hardware that you may not want out (or may not be handy enough to trust your own installation skills). Enter the door jam sling. It doesn't allow for the same free flowing swinging, but it does turn any door into an elevated, relatively comfortable suspension device. Supports up to 325 pounds and no extra installation is required. Just make sure it's not a door someone is going to try to walk through at the wrong moment.

Love Bumper Iceberg

Iceberg sex pillow by Love Bumper
Love Bumper
Positioning pillows are gaining popularity, with several manufacturers each with half a dozen different kinds of pillows. The main drawbacks to these pillows are that they are expensive and big. The benefits in terms of more comfort and versatility in sexual positioning may outweigh the drawbacks for many couples, though. The Love Bumper Iceberg is a relative newcomer to the world of sex position pillows, but its design (a bit wider than others, with an extra vibrator pocket) makes it highly recommended. It has a removable cover that’s easy to wash and water resistant.

Fukuoku 9000

fukuoku finger vibrator
Finger Fitting Products
The original finger vibrator, and the source of endless mispronunciation (it's foo-koo-oh-koo) the Fukuoku 9000 is a single speed, discreet, and easy to use vibrator that fits on the finger and allows for simultaneous skin-to-skin physical touch and vibration. It's great for travel and a great way to introduce vibration to a nervous partner.

Bend Over Beginner Kit

bend over beginner kit
Many heterosexual couples are exploring male anal play and a kind of gender play called bend over boyfriend, or more recently pegging. The anus and rectum are sites of enormous potential pleasure for men, and couples interested in learning how to safely and pleasurably include male anal play into their sexual repertoire now have several sex toys to help. The Bend Over Beginner Kit is designed for strap-on sex. It comes with two silicone dildos and an adjustable and easy-to-clean harness that also has a vibrator. It’s a great and relatively inexpensive way to test the waters without breaking the bank.

SpareParts Deuce Harness

spare parts deuce harness
Spare Parts
Strap on dildo harnesses are designed for couples sex play, allowing one partner to wear and control a dildo without having to hold it in their hands. The Deuce is designed to be worn by someone with a penis, and allows the wearer to either use a dildo only or to use a dildo and their own penis for double penetration. It can be a fun way to try something different and part of a response to erectile dysfunction that includes still having intercourse.
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