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Sexual Ethics in Everday Life

Answers to your sexual ethical dilemmas.

Doing It Decent – Sex Toy Selling Doctors
A reader writes in to ask about the ethics of physicians and therapists selling sex toys directly to their patients and clients.

Doing It Decent – Buying Sex Toys for Teens
A reader writes in to ask about the ethics of buying a sex toy for their teenage daughter when it might cause controversy with her ex.

Doing It Decent ~ Cyber Faking It
Is it unethical to go online and flirt or even have cybersex under false pretenses? Is it wrong to pretend to be a different age, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity just for sex?

Doing It Decent – Disclosing Herpes to a Sexual Partner
If you have herpes what is your ethical responsibility when it comes to disclosure to a potential or current sexual partner?

Doing It Decent – Hearing Your Parents Having Sex
A woman moves back home to help her parents out, and wants to know if it’s okay to tell them she can hear them having sex.

Doing It Decent – If They Don’t Ask, Do You Tell?
Do you have to tell a new girlfriend about your past sexual experiences with other guys? Is it unethical not to disclose your sexual past to a new partner?

Doing It Decent - Loud Sex in the House
Is it unethical to forbid your adult son to ever have sex in your house? Answers to ethical sex questions.

Doing It Decent - Is Public Sex Ethical?
Is sex in public ethical? Is it wrong to have sex somewhere you might be seen by others?

Erectile Dysfunction Break Up
Is it ethical to break up with someone because they have ED?

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