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Sex and Heart Attack

Information on Sexuality, Heart Health, and Heart Disease


The mind may be our greatest sexual organ, but without the heart, our sex lives, just like the rest of our lives, wouldn’t exist. Until you, or someone you’re having sex with, has a heart attack or is diagnosed with heart disease, you probably won’t think too much about the relationship between your heart and your sex life. But the relationship is intimate, and having a basic understanding of both sexual health and heart health is an important way to minimize your risk and maximize your health and pleasure.

Myths About Sex and Heart Disease

Two of the biggest obstacles to a hot and healthy sex life after a heart attack are fear and ignorance. Both the news and entertainment media do us a disservice by reinforcing some basic myths about sex and heart disease. Uncover the myths and find out what we do and don’t know about the link between heart disease and sex.

Talking to Your Doctor About Sex and Heart Disease

The doctor who is treating you for your heart condition is in the best position to help you understand your unique risk factors, as well as how you can continue to have a healthy sex life while living with heart disease. The trick is that you have to ask -- and sometimes doctors aren’t that comfortable answering. Here are some suggestions on how to start a conversation with your doctor about your heart health and sex.

Heart Attack During Sex

If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show where someone keels over in the middle of sex you may think you know the chances of having a heart attack during sex. If you think the chances are good, science has a different story to tell you. Find out how likely you are to have a heart attack during sex.

Sex After a Heart Attack

Having a heart attack does not mean the end of your sex life. It may not even mean a radical change to it. On the other hand it might, but that change can also be very positive (just as changes to diet and exercise after a heart attack can actually improve your life and not just feel like a loss). Learn more about how your sexuality and sex life may change following a heart attack.

Sex Positions After a Heart Attack

It may not feel fun, but one change after a heart attack that is absolutely a good thing for you is the requirement that you start talking and thinking more creatively about sex. If sex before your heart attack was always the same three activities in the same positions, you may have to change that. And in this case, change is good. Here are a few tips on sex positions that can reduce your risk after a heart attack.

Sexual Dysfunction and Heart Attack

Having a heart attack -- even a “mild” one -- is a trauma to your body and can be traumatic emotionally and psychologically as well. It is very common for people to experience sexual dysfunction after a heart attack. However, most of that dysfunction can be treated, and you can always find new ways to enjoy sex again.
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