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Should I Be Worried If…?

Your Sexual Questions – Answered


We all worry about sex. Our sexual worries reveal a lot more about us than just those things that aren’t working in the moment. What we worry about relates to our values and upbringing, the quality and quantity of sex education we have had, as well as our life experience, gender, race, class, orientation, and more.

We also worry about our sexual worries. Most emails I get start with “I probably shouldn’t worry about this, but…” While easy answers are hard to come by, below you’ll find what I hope are friendly and helpful hints on how to alleviate your current sexual worries and maybe even preempt a few worries waiting in the wings.

Should I be worried my partner is faking orgasms?
How can I tell if my partner is faking it, and if they are, am I a failure?

Should I be worried about the size of my labia?
Does labia size matter, and is surgery an option?

Should I be worried if my partner is having erection problems?
If he’s not getting an erection is it a bad sign?

Should I be worried if my partner watches too much porn?
Can watching porn be a healthy part of a relationship? Find out how much is too much when it comes to porn watching.

Should I be worried if my sex toy is giving me a rash?
Sex toys should be about buzz not burn.Find out what to do if you think your sex toy is giving you a rash.

Should I be worried if my vibrator makes me numb?
Worried that your high-speed helper is going to cause permanent nerve damage? Find out what research has to say about the long term effects of vibration.

Should I be worried if I think I’m addicted to my vibrator?
Concerned that your vibrator may be turning you off sex with other people? Find out if you can really get addicted to a vibrator.

Should I be worried if I masturbate all the time?
Worried that your masturbation may be getting in the way of other relationships? Find out if you can have too much of a good thing.

Should I be worried if I never masturbate?
Feeling pressure from pro-masturbation friends and partners, or worry that you’re missing out on one of life’s great solo pleasures? Learn more about the reasons people don’t masturbate and whether it should ever be a cause for concern.

Should I be worried if I’m fantasizing about other people during sex with my partner?
Is it cheating if you’re imagining someone else when you’re with your partner? Find out the difference between sexual fantasy and sexual reality.

Should I be worried that my kids see me and my partner naked in the house?
Wondering what impact your behavior can have on your children’s future? Find out the truth about nudity in the home.

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