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Where is my G Spot?


Question: Where is my G Spot?
"I have a very simple question: Does the G-Spot exist? I’ve looked everywhere, but still can’t find mine! Help!!"

You’d think this would be a simple question, but it isn’t. The reason I can’t tell you whether the G Spot exists or not requires an explanation all its own.

The first thing you should know is that we don’t know that much about sexual anatomy.

Compared with the kinds of detail knowledge we have already developed on things like our circulatory system, our cardiovascular system, and our nervous system, our knowledge of sexual anatomy and response is miniscule.

People are still debating the physical structures of internal genitalia. So, for example, medical students are often taught that the clitoris is a very small structure that is mostly near the surface of the skin, and only extends in the body a little. But others suggest that its structure is of significant size and it extends much further into the body than previously thought.

The next problem with answering the G-Spot question is that it is a name for a body part that the medical establishment has not yet taken on. So you can’t go to any medical textbook and see a picture of something called the gspot. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t there; it just means that it hasn’t been legitimized in the medical literature, yet.

There are many other reasons for the confusion, but let me give you a more practical answer to your question.

Whether scientists ever agree, and whether it makes it into a medical textbook, many women do report that stimulating a particular spot, which is most easily reached inside the vagina, is very pleasurable. Here’s a link to help you find this area usually called the g-spot.

But it is very likely that even if everyone agrees eventually that there is a g-spot, many women won’t find it pleasurable to have their G spot stimulated. The fact is that it is probably like any other part of the body in that some people will become aroused by having it stimulated, and others won’t.

Some people go wild when you nibble on their ears. Others will find that completely annoying and a sexual turn-off. The Gspot is probably just like that.

If you follow the instructions on finding your g spot , it’s a good way to start exploring, but if you can’t “find it” that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, it just means you’re sexual response is unique, which is something I hope all experts would agree on.

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