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Sex Positions Game

Discover New Sex Positions with the Sex Positions Game


Before You Begin

If you're stuck on finding new sex positions and don't know where to start this game can be a fun and helpful way to get your creative juices flowing. Take a second before you start and review the basics of great sex positions.

The idea of this game is to get you thinking creatively about sexuality, and then apply that creativity to sex positions. The first part of the game involves creating the raw materials for the game; six categories of "option cards". You must create these cards before you can play the game.

For an element of surprise you can get your partner to help you make the option cards without telling them what it is for. Just tell them it’s a craft project!

When you are making the cards DO NOT think about anything in terms of sex positions. Just try to come up with as many possibilities as you can, without imaging how it is going to turn out.

Making Option Cards for the Sex Position Game

First you need:
  • Six envelopes
  • Paper to cut up into 40-50 smaller pieces (just large enough to write a few lines on each)

The six categories of option cards are:

  • Physical Position
  • Type of Movement
  • Angles
  • Limbs
  • Speed
  • Rhythm

For each of these categories you need to sit down and brainstorm as many options as you can. Every idea gets written down on a separate square of paper.

Start with "physical positions". Describe as many physical positions you can think of that you can comfortably put your body into, for example:

  • Sitting cross-legged
  • Kneeling position
  • Fetal position (curled up)
  • Lying on your side
  • Sitting in a chair

Try to come up with at least ten different physical positions (more is better). Be as specific as you can. Then put all your position option cards in an envelope, and mark it #1

Next do "movement". Putting one type of physical movement per square of paper, come up with as many different physical movements as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t think it would be good for sex, just make a list of different physical movements you like to do, and feel free to be as descriptive as you like, for example:

  • running
  • waving my arms
  • moving my hips side to side
  • etc…

Try to come up with at least six different physical movements. Put all your movement option cards in another envelope and mark it #2

For the "angle" category, you can just name five or six angles. Just pick numbers of angles that strike your fancy, for example:

  • 90 degrees
  • 45 degrees
  • 180 degrees

For the "limbs" category, name your favorite limbs and if you want, name the position you like them to be in, for example:

  • legs crossed
  • feet
  • arms, straight out
  • etc...

Do the same for "speed". Just name different kinds of speeds that come to mind, for example:

  • creepingly slow
  • galloping
  • running for dear life
  • etc...

Lastly do the same for "rhythm", and again, be descriptive and personal, for example:

  • evenly paces, steady beat
  • jerky or jittery
  • pounding
  • samba
  • etc...

Once you’ve got at least six different option cards in each envelope, you’re ready to play the game. I suggest you put the cards away at least for a few days before playing the game. Be sure to mix up the sheets of paper in the envelopes so they aren’t in the same order you wrote them down in.

How to Play the Sex Positions Game

This part is simple. There aren’t any hard and fast rules, and the key here is to have a great sense of humor and an equal sense of adventure. The game is as much about taking sex a bit less seriously as it is about finding some ideal sex position.

Start by fooling around however you feel like it. Lots of kissing and touching, maybe in a hot bath, maybe as part of a sensual massage, but end up in a private and comfortable room, either on the bed or the floor, and preferably naked.

One of you then takes an “option card” out of envelope #1, the other takes one out of envelope #2, and so on, until you have six pieces of paper, that give all the elements you need for trying a sexual position. So you might have:

  • Sitting cross-legged
  • Moving my hips side to side
  • 45 degrees
  • arms, straight out
  • running for dear life
  • samba

The first thing you’ll probably do is laugh! This is very good! Then you should start to have intercourse in whatever position you are used to and is comfortable for both of you.

Once you’re both feeling into it, but before either of you climaxes, you need to try and work out a sexual position that includes all the elements you picked from the envelope. It won’t always make sense, but have fun and do your best. Even if it feels a bit silly at first, give it a try.

You might find that having your hands up in the air, or crossed across your chest, or having one knee up, actually changes the way that intercourse feels for the better.

If you’re really enterprising, you can try more than one position in a single sexual encounter. But pulling cards out of envelopes doesn’t always feel like the right thing to do in the middle of sex, so you might want to just try this now and again.

Hopefully you’ll have a bit of fun making the option cards, and then trying to figure out how to act them out in an actual sexual position. The important part of the game is to get you to try different things, and try to think about your body and movement not in terms of right and wrong, but in terms of options that will feel good, and ones that won’t.

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