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Leapfrog Sex Position


Leapfrog Sex Position

The leapfrog sex position doesn't involve any actual leaping, but it's a fun variation on doggy style sex position, and is sometimes recommended as a good sex position for pregnancy as well as for people with low back pain.

Remember there’s no magic position that will be right for everyone, a great sex position is one that you find comfortable and let’s you do what you want.

Basic Leapfrog Sex Position:

The receiver kneels down on the bed and lets their upper body lie on the bed with their knees bent and their bum up in the air. By spreading their knees apart or keeping them closer together they can adjust the height of their bum to line up to their partner. The penetrating partner kneels behind, facing the same way, and penetrates from behind. They can keep their hands on their partner’s hips or bum.


  • If the receiving partner positions themselves at the edge of the bed, the penetrating partner can stand on the floor instead of kneeling on the bed.
  • You can also do this position in a big soft chair, where the receiving partner kneels on the seat and has their upper torso over the back of the chair.
  • The receiving partner can use their forearms to prop themselves up into a regular doggy style position.
  • For more support the receiving partner can have a large pillow under their chest, which they can hug or grab onto.


  • The leapfrog doesn't put any pressure on the belly, making it a comfortable choice for some women who are pregnant.
  • This position can also be good for people with lower back pain.
  • This position can lend itself well to power play (some people find the receiving position to be vulnerable and the penetrating position to be forceful in leapfrog).
  • For the partner being penetrated, this is a position that doesn’t require much work.


  • If the receiving partner has a bad neck this isn’t likely to be very comfortable.
  • This isn’t a face-to-face sex position, so some people feel it’s less intimate.
  • Almost all of the energy comes from one partner, so if you’re looking for something more equitable, Leapfrog probably isn’t it.

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