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Missionary Position


Image of the basic missionary sex position.

Basic Missionary Position
Considered the most common sexual position (although many surveys would indicate that it isn’t) and by some the only appropriate position for sex, the missionary position describes a couple lying face to face, with one on top of the other and the partner who is being penetrated is on bottom. It is most associated with heterosexual intercourse, but despite the idea that this is the “traditional” sexual position, it is actually not very good for allowing a lot of movement, and the angle may not be ideal for penetration.

Using pillows underneath the partner on the bottom to change up the angle of penetration, and also lift their body off the bed or floor.

Most variations involved the partner on the bottom bending their knees to their chest, or hooking them around the shoulders of the partner on top.


  • This position allows for a lot of physical front-to-front body contact, as well as face to face contact.
  • The partner on the bottom doesn't have to exert much energy or move around a lot, which may be desired and/or required for some people at some times.
  • While the partner on top won't have free hands, the partner on the bottom does, which allows them to touch themselves or their partner during intercourse.


  • It can be physically demanding for the partner on top.
  • It greatly limits the mobility of the partner on the bottom.
  • If the partner on the bottom has any sort of physical pain or mobility limitations, this position won’t likely work for them.

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