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Porn Sex Positions


Updated September 13, 2013

In 1980 sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson published a book called Sex Stars Favorite Sex Positions. This was before the Internet, before Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey, James Deen, before porn became part of the mainstream pop culture discussion. It was sold as more of a novelty than anything. Today, there's an effort to sell porn stars as sex educators, and to argue that making your sex life more like porn could actually be a good thing.
With names like “The Piledriver” “Standing 69” and “The Wheelbarrow” the list of porn star sex positions makes for funny reading, but it shouldn’t serve as a guide to anyone’s explorations of new sexual positions. The positions defy logic, gravity, and most importantly pleasure.
Porn films are to sex education what Hollywood films are to morality tales. From a sexual pleasure perspective, most porn is fake. It may be very sexy, entertaining kind of fake, but it’s fake nonetheless. The sexual positions used in porn films are chosen not for their likelihood to turn on the actors, or even for the ways that the positions might allow for hot creative sex.
Sex positions used in porn are chosen because they are visually appealing to an audience and/or because they make shooting sex scenes easier.
While visual porn can be a good place to look for inspiration and ideas, mimicking what you see in porn is not likely to yield very erotic results. Plus who wants to wear all that ass make-up every time you have sex?
Remember that great sex positions are ones that are comfortable, let you do what you want (by yourself or with partners), and don't take away from your experience of sexual pleasure. Test your sex positions knowledge with our sex positions quiz or read on to learn more sex positions.
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