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Basic Doggy Style or Rear Entry Sex Position


Image of doggy style or rear entry sex position.

In the old days, before sex position advice could be found in every magazine and in every other episode of Sex in the City, the ear entry, or "doggy style" position was usually associated with anal intercourse and considered to be somewhat exotic or kinky. Now that sex positions are practically dinner table conversation, what's an unusual sex position has changed, and there are plenty of popular sex surveys that suggest that this position is one of the most common and favored.

Basic Doggy Style Sex Position
In the basic position both people are on their knees. The partner penetrating from behind usually has their hands on their partners hips or bum, and the partner being penetrated is on their hands and knees.

You can achieve a lot of the same sensation and benefits of the rear entry position with one or both partners standing. If standing, the partner being penetrated can bend at the waist, spread their legs, and use a wall or piece of furniture to support themselves on.

A second is to have the partner being penetrated scoot to the edge of the bed, with their upper body on the bed, and their bum and legs off the bed.

A third variation, which can be shifted two if one or both people are feeling tired, is to have the partner doing the penetrating bend their knees so their bum is resting on their lower legs, and the partner being penetrated then also bends their knees, as if they are sitting on their partner's lap. This position is easier on the legs, but a bit harder on the knees.



  • Many women say that this position facilitates g spot stimulation better than other positions.
  • The person doing the penetration, is able to use their legs and hips and get a lot of energy into thrusting.
  • This position also allows the person doing the penetration to use their hands, including easy access to add in anal stimulation or clitoral stimulation with a hand or a vibrator.
  • Some people like the lack of face to face or eye contact this position facilitates.



  • If you’re doing this on your knees, it can be hard on them. You can use pillows to make it more comfortable.
  • This position doesn’t allow you to be face to face with your partner. While some appreciate the fantasy and power elements of this, others prefer positions that more directly create a connection between partners.

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