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Wall Standing Sex Positions


image of two dolls in a wall standing sex position

Basic Wall Standing Sex Positions:

As the name suggests, the two elements to every wall standing sex position are that you are using a wall for support and both partners are standing. In the movies you often see two people standing completely upright but this isn't actually very practical or comfortable. The basic position that works for regular people (if it does) usually has the partner being penetrated facing the wall and bent at the waist while the partner doing the penetration stands behind them.

Variations on Wall Standing Sex Positions:

There are several variations with this position, including:
  • Facing each other, with one partners back against the wall, and one or both of their legs wrapped around their partners waist, hands on their partners shoulders
  • One partner facing the wall, completely hugging it, being penetrated from behind. This variation includes an interesting feeling of confinement.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

  • While this can be a great position for sex in a hurry (you barely need to undress and you don't need much space) it requires strength, balance, and some attention to not falling over.
  • The position is ripe with fantasy possibilities, but you probably want to have a way of switching it up as the fantasy can become less glamorous when leg cramps enter the picture.

Extra Tips for Wall Standing Sex Positions:

  • You can easily change the angle of penetration simply by bending your knees
  • Change the depth of penetration by holding up one of your partner’s legs (if you’re the one doing the penetration). You can crook the back of their knee where your elbow is for more support.
  • Make use of the fantasy clichés we all have in our heads. This position evokes a more aggressive sexual situation, and can be used by both partners to explore a bit of power play during penetration.
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