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Doggy Style Hands and Feet Sex Positions


Basic Doggy Style Hands and Feet Sex Positions:

In the basic doggy style or rear entry sex position both partners are on their knees and the partner being penetrated is leaning down towards the ground, resting on their arms or elbows. In the "hands and feet" variation, the partner being penetrated squats on the bed and then rests just on their hands and feet, with their bum in the air. The other partner enters them from behind.

Pros of Doggy Style Hands and Feet Sex Positions:

  • This position makes both partners more physically active over traditional doggy style.
  • This variation allows for more movement and control of speed and angle of penetration.
  • Some women say that this position facilitates stimulation of their g-spot through penetration better than other positions.
  • For the person doing the penetration, you are able to use your legs and hips and get a lot of energy into thrusting.

Cons of Doggy Style Hands and Feet Sex Positions:

  • The position requires much more energy and strength for the partner being penetrated, it isn’t a “lazy” sex position at all.
  • This position also requires a lot of balance as less of your body is on the bed.
  • This position doesn’t allow you to be face to face with your partner.
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