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Right Angle Sex Positions


Right Angle Sex Positions
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Basic Right Angle Sex Position:

This position is a variation of both missionary sex positions and knees on chest sex positions. In this position the partner being penetrated lies flat on their back with one leg on the bed and the other raised in the air. The penetrating partner kneels between the thighs of their partner but straddles the leg that is lying flat on the bed. The penetrating partner then supports their partner’s one leg that is up in the air (which is making a sort of right angle to the other leg, giving this position its name).

Variations on the Right Angle Sex Position:

The penetrating partner can change the feel of penetration by moving their partner’s leg, and by letting the knee bend or straightening it out.

You can also vary this position by having both legs up in the air, and the partner lying down resting their legs over the penetrating partner’s shoulders.

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Pros of the Right Angle Sex Position:

  • This position allows for deep penetration.
  • Hands and arms free for touching.
  • This position is face to face.
  • This position is very visual as you get to see your partner’s upper body.
  • A good choice for people who experience fatigue during sex.

Cons of the Right Angle Sex Position:

  • The partner on the bottom has less control, most of the movement comes from one partner.
  • This position requires good flexibility in the legs for the partner being penetrated, and good knees for the partner doing the penetration.
  • The partner on top may be putting weight on the leg of the partner on the bottom.
  • While there can be a lot of touching and grabbing, your upper bodies are not physically close in this position.

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