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Sitting Sex Position


Sitting Sex Position
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There are many versions of the sitting sex position, but what they all share is a trade off of less movement for less energy expended. Many of us can comfortably get into a sitting sex position where other positions would be unsustainable. Whether it's a question of need or want, if you've never had intercourse sitting down, you may want to give it a try. Details below.

Basic Sitting Sex Position:

As the name suggests the basic position finds partners both sitting on their bums with the partner being penetrated having their legs wrapped over the legs of the penetrating partner (so it’s more like one person is sitting in the others lap, but they are facing each other).

The partner being penetrated can wrap their arms around their partner’s neck or hold on to their shoulders and use their partner’s weight as leverage to create movement. It must be said from the outset that this position is largely impractical although it may be perfect for some.


There are two main variations on the basic sitting sex position. The first is that the partners are facing in the same direction, so the partner being penetrated is in fact sitting in the lap of the other partner. In this variation the penetrating partner can hold on to the waist or hips of their partner and assist in movement.

A second variation, the raised kneeling sex position, adds significantly more opportunity for movement and leverage. In this variation the penetrating partner kneeling with their bum on their heels, with the partner being penetrated sitting on their lap.

Pros of the Sitting Sex Position:

There are very few pros to this position. It makes more appearances in movies and sex position manuals than it does in the sex lives of real people. That said, every position has its admirers, and for some people this position, particularly when modified, can be just what works. Pros include:

  • facilitates a lot of physical contact, it’s like a giant embrace
  • can be face to face, offering intimacy and the chance to see your partner
  • the lack of leverage means penetration is generally slower, a pace that may be preferred by some.


Cons of the Sitting Sex Position:

  • requires very good knees, and could be quite hard on the knees
  • doesn’t allow for a lot of movement or thrusting
  • requires good balance

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