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Push Up Push Down Sex Position


Push Up Push Down Sex Position
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This sex position may sound like an exercise (and it's true that most intercourse involves some cardio workout), but there's a twist. The push up, push down position requires the person on top, who is also the one being penetrated, do most of the heavy lifting, or in this case heavy pushing.

Basic Position:
This position is a variation on the missionary sex position. The big difference is that the partner on top is the one being penetrated. But as with the missionary position, they are also doing most of the work and controlling the action. In this position the partner being penetrated is on top with their legs straddling the hips of the penetrating partner. They keep their hands on the forearms (or hands) of the partner on the bottom and use their arms to push themselves up and down during intercourse.

Placing a pillow under the hips of the partner on bottom makes penetration much easier and gives them more leverage.

The partner on top can do more than just rest their hands on their partner’s forearms, hands, or wrists. They can push down, restricting their partner’s movements. Be careful not to put your whole weight on the wrists, and if you’re in this position for a while move your hand position, but this is a great way to include some power play elements without the need for props.

Pros of the Push Up, Push Down:

  • This position gives the partner being penetrated a great deal of control (depth, speed, pace of penetration).
  • The face to face position and allows for a lot of body contact.
  • This position easily incorporates a power play element of restriction for the partner on bottom.


Cons of the Push Up,Push Down:

  • This position doesn’t allow for a lot of movement or thrusting.
  • Good balance is required.
  • The partner on top also needs a lot of upper body strength.

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