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Bum Lift Sex Positions


Basic Bum Lift Sex Position:

In this position, which is a combination of the missionary and knees on chest sex positions, one partner kneels in front of the other and places their hands under the lying down partners bum, lifting them up and tilting their pelvis forward. This bum lift technique is great for improving how missionary sex feels as it allows you to adjust the angle of penetration, which is often a complaint with missionary position sex.

Variations on the Bum Lift Sex Position:

You can easily change the angle of penetration by raising or lowering the penetrated partner’s bum.

The partner being penetrated can bend their legs at the knee so their shins are pressing against the penetrating partner’s chest.

The partner doing the penetration can use both hands on their partners bum and move their partner around during penetration, using their own hips less and the bounce of the bed more (this works best on a firm mattress, not something too hard).

This position can be used with the partner being penetrated at the edge of the bed and the penetrating partner standing or kneeling on the floor.


  • Both partners can easily adjust their bodies even slightly for a significant change in angle and depth of penetration.
  • Face to face position offers a lot of physical closeness and intimacy.
  • Good position if the partner on the bottom lives with fatigue.


  • Partner on top has most of the control and is responsible for most of the movement.
  • You need to have flexibility, balance, and strength if you are on top.
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