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Leg Action Sex Positions


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Basic Leg Action Sex Position:

This sex position is a combination of the woman on top sex position and the edge of the bed sex position but with the partner doing the penetration on bottom. In this sex position the penetrating partner is on their back, lying across a bed, with their hips on the edge of the bed but their thighs and legs dangling off the edge of the bed. The partner being penetrated is on top.

More about the Basic Leg Action Sex Position:

This is not a beginner sex position. You need to have reasonably flexible legs and hips for this sex position, not a lot of strength but a wide range of motion.

What makes this position different is the type and source of motion. The partner on the bottom uses their hips and leg muscles to create the movement during penetration. It takes a little experimentation, but you writhe your legs and hips around, shaking them up and down, back and forth, and even rotating them.


As you experiment with this position, your partner, who is on top, can move to match the motion, and the chaotic-ness of it starts to make sense.

If you need extra traction or leverage, you can reach your arms up above your head and grab the end of the mattress.

You can also experiment by moving your legs and hips a lot, for a short burst of time, and then relaxing, but continue the penetration play. Notice how your body feels while you are still having penetration, but not moving as much.

Pros of the Leg Action Sex Position:

  • This position is also a great way to relieve tension and stress in your hips and legs.
  • It is also a great position for “letting loose” as you can move as much as you want, but your partner on top can still control things by moving their body in response to your movements.
  • In your writhing and jerky leg motions you can really release a lot of the energy in your legs and pelvis that, for some men, stay surprisingly stiff during penetration.

Cons of the Leg Action Sex Position:

  • With the amount of energy it takes, this isn’t a position you can maintain for a long time.
  • This also isn’t a very intimate or gentle position.
  • The position requires a fair bit of muscle strength.
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