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Side by Side Sex Position


Image of dolls in a side by side sex position

Basic Side Sex Position Facing Each Other:

This is a reverse of the spooning sex position, so instead of both partners facing the same direction, you are facing each other. The exact positioning will depend on how things line up, but essentially this position facilitates and embrace during intercourse.

Variations of Side Sex Position:

If you are penetrating your partner, you might want to be lower down then them on the bed. You may want to use your hands and arms to spread apart or lift up one of their legs.

You can also wrap your arms around your partner and hold on to them for extra leverage for penetration (it doesn’t sound as sexy as it is!)

View our illustrated side-by-side sex position gallery.


The primary benefit is the physical closeness this position provides. It can also be good for people with pain and allow you to stay in a position for a longer period of time without switching.


It is very difficult to create a lot of movement or thrusting in this position.
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