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Spooning Sex Positions


Image of the basic spooning sex position.

This is one of those intuitive sex positions whose name tells you most of what you need to know. The basic spooning position, like it's cousin the side by side facing sex position, isn't actually all that good for energetic intercourse. It can be hard to get traction and build rhythm or momentum. But snuggling your body right up against your partner does provide a closeness that most positions don't offer.

If you are penetrating your partner, you might want to be lower down then them on the bed. Use your hands and arms to spread apart or lift up one of their legs. In another variation, the partner being penetrated can curl up a bit, exposing their bum and/or vagina. The "scissors" position is another variation on side-by-side.

See more variations in our Spooning Sex Position Picture Gallery.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

  • While this position offers physical closeness and intimacy it is difficult to move a lot or to co-ordinate two moving bodies.
  • Since both partners are facing the same direction there can be a real sense of two becoming one. But this position doesn't allow you to see your partners full face.
  • Spooning may work well for people with specific areas of pain, and while the intercourse might be slower, it can last longer without having to change positions.

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