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Sex Positions Tip #2 – Movements in Sex Positions

Getting Comfortable with Movement in Sex Positions


A good sex position isn’t just about how your bodies are arranged, it is a sex position that allows for the kind of movement you like in your sex. There are times you might relish a slow, even thrusting. Other times you might be in the mood for rougher, pounding sex.

Most of us who are over the age of 20 will have some movements that are less comfortable than others. Many of us will be unable to move in certain ways altogether because of pain or medical conditions. Each sex position is going to both limit and allow for certain movements, and most of them affect each partner differently. The woman on top position sex position obviously limits the kind of movement the person on the bottom can do, but it allows for the woman on top to move however she likes.

The key is to think about what movements feel good, to experiment in case there are some that would work for you that you hadn’t thought of, and then to use sex positions that allow you to move in the ways that work best.

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