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Sex Positions Tip #3 – Changing the Angle of Penetration


Sex Positions Tip #3 – Changing the Angle of Penetration

Often finding a new sex position can be accomplished not by moving your body from standing to sitting, or from lying down to kneeling, but in adjusting the angle of penetration. In order to appreciate this you do need to have a basic understanding not only of sexual anatomy in general but of your partners sexual body and sexual response in particular.

If you're engaged in vaginal intercourse the angle of penetration matters because there are a variety of different areas of potential excitement inside the vaginal canal and the vagina. The 'right' angle can hit a spot just perfectly. The wrong angle could cause pain. The angle of penetration can also be comfortable or uncomfortable for the person who is doing the penetration. And if you're engaging in anal intercourse the angle matters as much if not more.

One angle may provide more g spot stimulation , there is also research that proposes that cervical stimulation may be very arousing for some women, and certain angles will increase indirect (or even direct) cervical stimulation. You can change the angle of penetration either by adding pillows to your sex position or by physically holding your partners in a slightly different position, to experiment.

The sex positions profiles below include information about how each position offers different opportunities for penetration at different angles.

Sex Positions Profiles:


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