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Sex Positions Tip #5 – Finding a Rhythm in Sex Positions


All the clichés about the “motion of the ocean” are true when it comes to sex positions. Regardless of what sex position you’re in, regardless of how perfectly sized your (or your partner’s) penis might be, if there’s no rhythm, or if you and your partner can’t get in synch, the penetration probably won’t do it for you.

Some sex positions, like doggy style or rear entry sex position , can allow you and your partner a lot more movement, which can make it easier to find a rhythm that works for both of you. With positions like the missionary sex position , or side by side sex position , finding a good rhythm can take more time, practice, and strength.

Don’t be afraid to talk about this with your partner. The myth that sex comes naturally, and that if you don’t just “click” it won’t work, are just myths. While some people might be “natural” dancers, most of us have to learn a few steps before we get comfortable improvising our moves.

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