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Sex Positions Tip #6 – Adjusting Speed in Sex Positions


I have a friend who says she can always tell when a new sexual partner has learned his technique from watching too much porn. Those guys think that all sex is, is five minutes of mind-numbing (and genital numbing) pounding. The speed of penetration is as important as any other element of a good sex position.

In almost all cases the speed will change as the penetration progresses. And changing the speed and pacing of penetration can really change the sexual stimulation and alter the way the whole encounter goes. It’s important to know what your body can and cannot do, and pace yourself so you can have the kind of penetration that will hopefully work for both of you. Because penetration can be physically too much for a lot of us, it’s also important to remember that couples won’t always both have a climax from penetration, and if your body is tired, it’s okay to switch to a different kind of sex play.

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