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Sexual Role Play Tip

Setting Your Fantasy Sexual Role Play Scenario


Details can help you get deeper into a sexual role play scenario. Often we get stuck, or feel silly, because we’ve started to role play but don’t know where to go.

Take this example…

You’ve decided to play a graduate student and your partner is going to be a professor. It’s the day of your big oral defense. This scenario is full of potential: power dynamics, opportunity for sexual bribery, a May-December sexual tryst, plenty of “oral defense” puns.

But, if you don’t know what your research area is, or you don’t know whether you are a brilliant student being cut down by a sexy and overbearing professor, or a grad student who has slept their way to the top, and intends to do the very same tonight, you can’t get very far into the scenario.

Once you’ve come up with a character that strikes your fancy, start to think about the overall scenario, and answer some of these questions:

  1. What is the physical setting? If you’re indoors, what kind of room (big, small, dark, brightly lit).
  2. What time of day is it?
  3. Are there other people nearby, are you in a public place, or completely secluded where no one will hear you scream (with pleasure)?
  4. What’s the story? Why are you there, and (aside from the sex) what’s going to happen?

Filling in the details can not only give you more ideas for the sex part of the fantasy, but it can really help get you in character and make the role play come to life.

Published April 9, 2006.

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