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News and resources from the sexual laboratory, where sex researchers search for answers to our sexual questions.

Sex and Prostate Cancer
What is the relationship between sexual activity and prostate cancer risk?

Is Sex Addiction Real?
A critique of the model of sex addiction, and why it isn't helpful even to people who are genuinely struggling with sexual compulsivity.

What Is Sex Addiction?
The term sex addiction is used a lot in the media and popular culture, but what does sex addiction really mean?

Weird Sexual Science: Why (Some of Us) Have Sex
A critical look at sex research exploring the reasons humans have sex.

Bad Reporting on Sex Research
A study of penis size in India triggers several terrible reports that are either ignorant, racist, or both.

Weird Sexual Science: Sex and Thanksgiving, Smell the Connection
Research on scent and sexual arousal suggests that pumpkin pie and lavender has an impact on male sexual arousal, answering once and for all the question; why does Thanksgiving seem so damn sexy?

Weird Sexual Science: How We Perceive Invisible Erotic Images
Research into attention of invisible erotic stimuli proposes a link between gender, sexual orientation, and spatial attention. But the research leaves far more questions than answers for readers.

Sexual Science: Adolescents Exchanging Sex for Drugs and Money
A recent study about teens who exchange sex for drugs or money found that 3.5% of adolescents from a national probability sample had at one time exchanged sex for money or drugs. The research is interesting, but it is not without it’s problems both in the analysis of the data and the reporting of findings to the media.

Bad Sex Survey Research: Lower Back Pain and Sex Survey Misses the Point
A poorly conceived survey of lower back pain sufferers asked them what they would give up to live without pain. 56 percent of them said they’d give up sex.

Weird Sexual Science: Erotica, Evolutionary Theory, and Women Who Like Porn
A research study which examines the way women view erotic material is based on some problematic evolutionary arguments.

Do Men Oversexualize Encounters with Women?
A recent study examines the way men and women infer sexual interest in brief encounters.

Research into the Genetic Components of Human Sexuality
Discusses the beginning research into genetic components of sexual desire and arousal.

Study Examines Heart Health and Conflict Communication Styles
Discusses a study by University of Utah researchers on the relationship between cardiovascular health and the ways married couples fight.

Weird Sexual Science: Sex with a partner is 400% better
A critique of a recent study comparing orgasm after heterosexual intercourse with orgasm after masturbation.

Weird Science - Sex and Stress Study Takes Too Many Leaps
A critique of a study by Prof. Stuart Brody on the impact of penile vaginal intercourse on stress.

Weird Science - Study Examines Semen as an Antidepressant
A critical look at a 2002 study that examines the possible antidepressant qualities of semen.

HPV Vaccine
Information about two HPV vaccines that are in development to prevent HPV.

New Research into Drugs that Improve Sexual Functioning – Concerns about ...
Outlines issues and concerns related to the development of new sex enhancing drugs designed for sexual dysfunction. Discusses the pros and cons of research into drugs to improve sexual function, and the way the public and media deal with the topic.

Is Our Sexuality Being Overmedicalized?
A history and discussion of the overmedicalization of sexual behavior and response. With links to further reading on the debate around medicalizing sexual behavior and female sexuality.

Bad Reporting on Sex Research: Average Penis Size
A study of penis size, conducted in India, triggered several terrible reports that are either ignorant, racist, or both.

New Sex Suvey Offers Snapshot of 21st Century American Sex
A review of the findings from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, the largest nationally representative survey of sexual behaviors in the U.S. since 1994.

Research on Adolescent Masturbation
Describes research from a nationally representative U.S. study of the prevalence and frequency of adolescent masturbation.

The Rights and Privileges of Masturbation
What if psychiatrist asked you to describe your masturbatory fantasies, and was going to withhold health care services depending on your answers?

Challenging the Sex Addiction Narrative
Recent research offers new challenges to the model of sex addiction.

Sex Research Confuses Casual Sex with Causal Sex
Sex researchers confuse "casual" and "causal" while researching the possible impact of sex on depression and suicide.

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