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Spiritual Sex

A guide to the infinite possibilities of spiritual sexuality, including information about Tantric sex and Taoist sexual practices.

Tantric Sex
Answers to basic questions about the sexual practice of Tantra, and what Tantric sex has come to mean in the west.

Exploring Tantra – Four Common Obstacles to Exploring Tantra Sexual Practice
Discusses four common obstacles to exploring Tantric sexual practice.

How to Explore Sexual Touch – Increasing Sexual Intimacy Through Touch
Ideas on how to increase intimacy through sensual touch, and tips on ways to touch that will deepen your knowledge of your partner’s body and sexual response.

Interview with Joy Wilson, owner of Book22.com
An interview with Joy Wilson who started Book22.com, a sex toy website for married Christians.

Secret Garden Publishing
Founded by Tantra author and teacher Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Secret Garden published wonderful books and educational videos on increasing sexual intimacy through Tantric practices. Highly recommended.

A good place to start an exploration of spiritual sexuality. The site has many articles and links to other resources. They may push a bit on selling merchandise, but there is good straightforward information to be found on the site as well.

Universal Tao Center
Founded by Mantak Chia, author of The Multi-Orgasmic Couple and many Taoist sexuality texts, this site provides information on books, videos, and courses, as well as a great links page to other Taoist sexuality resources.

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