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Check out these sex tips and techniques for ideas and sexual inspiration. Whether you want to improve your solo sex life, expand your sexual repertoire with a partner, deepen sexual intimacy, or learn how to start a sexual relationship from the beginning, sex tips can be a great way to start a new sexual conversation.
  1. Sex Positions
  2. Masturbation Tips
  3. Orgasm Tips
  4. Relationship Sex Tips
  1. Oral Sex Tips
  2. Anal Sex Tips
  3. Sex Toy Tips

Sex Positions

Finding a great sex position doesn’t require the strength of lumberjack or the skill of a gymnast. You just need a little creativity, a sense of humor, and lots of pillows.

Masturbation Tips

Masturbation is the single most popular and frequently engaged in sexual activity on the planet. And yet it's still treated as second hand sex. Get tips on upping your solo sexual game, and learn how loving yourself can make you better at loving others.

Orgasm Tips

Spend less time worrying about orgasms and more time acquiring the knowledge needed to experience the sexual pleasure that most of us crave and all of us deserve with these great orgasm tips and techniques.

Relationship Sex Tips

From sexual communication and getting out of your normal routine to dealing with sex problems and finding time for each other, get relationship sex tips to help yourself and your partner explore better and healthier sex.

Oral Sex Tips

In many surveys oral sex is listed as the easiest and best way to have an orgasm. That is, of course, when it’s done properly. Get tips on oral sex techniques and information on playing safe and fun.

Anal Sex Tips

For many this is still a taboo topic, but when it’s done right, anal play can be a wonderful, healthy, and intensely pleasurable addition to your sexual repertoire.

Sex Toy Tips

Sex toys offer everything from a little extra buzz in the bedroom to some much appreciated extra help finding the right sexual spot. Take a guided tour of the wonderful world of sex toys and erotic devices; from feathers to vibrators from lubricants to leather harnesses.

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