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Valentine's Day Sex Toy Gift Guide

Sex Toy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day


Crave Duet Vibe

Image of the Crave Duet USB vibrator
Instead of paying double for dinner out, or for roses, or chocolates, or any of the things that get price jacked on February 13th, invest in something that will last and, like all great design, something that won't go out of style. This is a powerful clitoral vibrator that charges via any USB port. it's quiet, waterproof, and comes in a leather case.

Bend Over Beginner Kit

Bend Over Beginner Strap On Kit

If your Valentine’s configuration includes a boy with an interest in exploring anal play, this is a Valentine’s gift that will make him squeal (at least twice).  A soft fabric harness that comes with a removable vibrator for the wearer, plus two silicone dildos designed for beginner anal play.  Also known as pegging, this isn’t a gift for everyone, and it may be too much of a surprise if you haven’t talked about it first, but if you’ve both been looking for an excuse, Valentine’s Day is as good as any.


LELO Mona Vibrator
Mona, from Swedish sex toy makers LELO, makes a very generous gift that will no doubt reward the giver with either lots of sexual pleasure, lots of good sexual karma, or both. Featuring their easier to use multi-speed multi-modal controller, Mona is a substantial vibe made for both penetration and external stimulation. Mona also comes in breathtaking colors and is presented in the classic LELO packaging, which always feels more like you're opening up jewelery, not sex toys.

Lollipop Crop

Lollipop Riding Crop

The holidays give BDSM sex toy makers an excuse for whimsy, and riding crops provide obvious opportunities to mix not only pleasure with pain, but cute with caution.  This leather crop has a bright red silicone pad at the end, it looks like a lollipop but feels more like a smacker than a sucker.  The silicone makes a loud smack without actually delivering too intense a sensation. 

Vibrating Bead Thong

Vibrating Thong with Beads
Come As You Are

A wearable sex toy, perfect for couples, that's surprisingly effective. The beads provide two kinds of stimulation for both partners. They lay over the vulva and during penetration they roll back and forth creating a mild pleasurable feeling for both people. Once you turn the clitoral vibrator the vibration is carried through the beads, so not only does the wearer feel the vibration, but the partner doing the penetration does as well. A rare example of an inexpensive sex toy that's worth more than its price tag.

We Vibe 3

We Vibe vibrator
Standard Innovation

After a few changes (more vibration settings and an easier control setting) and a lower price, the We Vibe continues to be a unique toy for couples who want to add vibration to intercourse. This one isn't great for solo play, but if you want to buy something for the two of you to use, and you've go the budget for a luxury toy, the We Vibe deserves to be on your list of possibilities.

Facinator Throes

Image courtesy of Come As You Are
Consider this the most practical Valentine's sex gift you'll ever give. These machine washable, ingenious fabric throws (each 5 feet by 6 feet) provide a perfect barrier between your furniture and your love making. Available in shag and micro fiber, both with a silky satin flip side, the throws have an inner moisture barrier that ensures everyone but you stays clean and dry.

Njoy Fun Wand

Image courtesy of Njoy

Designed for both g-spot stimulation and prostate stimulation, the Fun Wand is great for using with a partner, and between the elaborate and sexy packaging and shiny stainless steel construction, it makes a truly romantic gift (like jewelry for the inside). The stainless steel retains temperature, so another fun thing to do with the Fun Wand is heat it up or cool it down and surprise your partner.

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