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Valentine's Day Sex Toy Gift Guide

Sex Toy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day offers a great excuse to spice up your sex life by introducing a sex toy to your partner (more in the Biblical than networking sense of the word). Keep in mind that V. Day is the busiest time of year for sex shops, so whether you're dropping into your local favorite sex shop, or shopping on line, don't be shy to ask for help and suggestions. Below you'll find my picks for classic and new sex toys that are perfect for Valentine's giving.

Solo Waterproof USB Vibrator

A photo of the Solo vibrator, a USB powered external vibrator.
The newest product from Crave, the sex toy start up that brought the world the first crowd funded sex toy, and a great indulgence for your sweetie if they are a lover of vibration and luxury. Solo, slightly misnamed given how easy it is to use with a partner, features the same power, design, and functionality as the USB powered Duet. The only change is that instead of a split body design, Solo has a single flat working end that tapers nicely to an evocative blunt point.


A large egg shaped butt plug made from wood.
Good Vibrations
The gorgeous butt plug is hand carved from solid wood and the name is no joke. Five and one quarter inch at its widest diameter, don't gift this toy lightly, and be sure that the person you dare isn't a show off (or if they are, that they have a lot of lube on hand). The finish is free of petro chemicals and the curved handle stimulates the perineum when the toy is inserted. Dare also functions as quite a nice external massage tool.

Leaf Vitality Vibe

photo of leaf vitality vibrator
I'm not a fan of the green washing that is everywhere in the sex toy industry these days, but when a manufacturing makes a good toy, it's hard not to notice, even if their message about environmental awareness is bogus. Such is the case with the Leaf line of vibrators. These silicone vibrators have rechargeable batteries and describe their packaging as eco-friendly. But it's the look and and feel that recommends them to anyone who knows they like vibration and wants a toy that will inspire creativity. Vitality looks a little like a flower bulb and features two motors which can be controlled independently. Perfect for your advanced sex toy user and gardener Valentine.

LELO Flickering Massage Candle

LELO massage candles

LELO's attention to detail in both materials and packaging deliver a beautiful massage candle that remains functional long after the wax is gone. A soy based candle, with Vitamin E, burns at a low temperature, and produces a long lasting oil that can be poured directly on the body for massage.  Scents include snow pear and cedar wood, black pepper and pomegranate, vanilla and creme de cacao, and each candle burns for 36 hours.  The ceramic jar that the candle comes in is surprisingly study and elegant, and can be re-used after the candle has burned down. 

Psychedelic Fur (Lined) Cuffs

photo of psychedelic fun fur restraints
Good Vibrations
If you and your Valentine are interested in exploring a little BDSM and either of you are fans of the 80s band of the same name you'll be pretty in pink with these leather wrist restraints lined with pink and black 'psychedelic' fun fur. You can loop them through themselves to make a set of handcuffs or add a bit of rope or a tether to secure your Valentine to a bed, a chair, a karaoke machine, whatever you've both agreed to...

Pin-Up Vibe

pin up vibrator in gift box

A classic three speed bullet vibrator is packaged in collectible tins each with a pin up image on the lid, and with some "bombshell balm" inside.  The balm creates a cool tingly sensation on the skin (not recommended for those with sensitive skin or environmental allergies) but the real gift is the powerful vibrator in the non-threatening collectable packaging.  Pefect for first time vibe owners, pin up fans, and anyone who doesn't have a good place to keep their sex toys clean and dry.


sqweel vibrator

This innovative sex toy is now more easily (and more affordably) available in North America.  Sqweel is a great sex toy for couples wanting to expand their communication about sex, as using it well demands communication.  But its hilarious look makes it hard not to want to goof around with. 

Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand

Without a doubt the most important sex toy for couples. So versatile and long lasting, you'll never regret getting a Magic Wand. It's great for full body massage, perfect for solo sex or using on your partner, and it fits well between the two of you during sex play. Some people are turned off by the size, strength, and noise levels, but few complain once they've turned one on -- or is that, once they've been turned on by one?


I Dare You

I Dare You Seduction Cards
Chronicle Books

Not strictly speaking a sex toy, but a sex gift that belongs on everyone’s Valentine’s wish list. Each of the 30 cards in this beautifully produced box contain a suggested "seduction" crafted by Susie Bright to maximize possibilities and inspire exploration and sexual creativity. Each seduction opens up a world of sexual possibility and a thousand sexual conversations, without judgment or pedantry. Risqué, respectful, and ultimately just a rollicking good time, I Dare You is perfect for couples of all stripes who want to expand their sexual horizons and have hot fun sex while their doing it.

Share Dildo

Image courtesy of Come As You Are

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, consider the ways you can share the pleasure with Share, the newest silicone creation from German sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory. This double-ended dildo can be used on its own or in a harness, and like all Fun Factory products it looks as good as it feels. Plus, really, does anything say "Happy Valentine's Day" more than a dildo?

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