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Vibrator Reviews

Product reviews of vibrators. Lists the pros and cons of electric and battery vibrators for external stimulation and penetration. Recommendations for where to buy vibrators and how to shop around for the best vibrators.

Duet Vibrator by Crave
The Duet is the world's first crowd-funded sex toy, and an excellent addition to the options for luxury clitoral stimulators.

Wahl 7 in 1 Massager
Review of the Wahl 7 in 1 Massager, one of the oldest models of personal massager and vibrator that is still being manufactured.

Mystic Wand Vibrator
Review of the Mystic Wand, a powerful Japanese made battery powered vibrator and massager.

Bcurious Vibrator
Review of the Bcurious vibrator from Bswish, a unique rechargeable vibrator designed for external stimulation.

G-Ki Vibrator
Review of the G-Ki vibrator from JeJoue, designed to make it easier to find and stimulate the g spot.

Form 2 Vibrator
A review of Jimmyjane's Form 2 vibrator

Your Vibrator Reviews – What’s Your Favorite Vibrator
Readers share their reviews of vibrators, and their picks for favorite and best vibrators.

Sqweel Vibrator
A review of the Sqweel vibrator, an innovative non-buzzing vibrator from LoveHoney.

Better Than Chocolate Vibrator
A review of the vibrator Better Than Chocolate by Nomi Tang.

Laya Spot Vibrator
Review of the Laya Spot, a vibrator ideally suited to massage and clitoral stimulation.

Silver Bullet Vibrator
Review of the classic external vibrator.

We Vibe
Review of the We Vibe 3, the newest version of the now classic couples vibrator.

Le Lynx Titanium Vibrator Review
A review of the Le Lynx titanium vibrator made by Elemental Pleasures

Pearl Rabbit Vibrator
A review of the classic Japanese rabbit vibrator, made famous on Sex and the City.

Rabbit Habit Vibrator
A review of the Japanese Rabbit Habit, a cordless variation on the original.

Magic Wand Original Review
A review of the Magic Wand Original electric vibrator.

The Cone
A review of the unique vibrator The Cone.

Rock Chick
A review of the outstanding, UK designed, Rock Chick vibrator.

BonBon Vibrator
Review of the BonBon external clitoral vibrator from Natural Contours.

Sex A Peel Banana Vibrator
Review of a unique, banana shaped silicone vibrator designed in France.

Cobra Libre
A review of the innovative Cobra Libre Vibrator for men manufactured by Fun Factory in Germany.

Toyfriend Bubbly
A review of the Bubbly 'personality' vibrator from Toyfriends.

Soraya by LELO
A review of the Soraya vibrator, a high design dual action vibrator from LELO.

Zini Ran
A review of the Ran, a rechargeable silicone vibrator from Korean manufacturer Zini.

Trojan Tri-Phoria Intimate Massager
A review of the Trojan Tri-Phoria, a battery operated hard plastic vibrator from Trojan.

Pocket Rocket
A review of the Pocket Rocket, a classic high quality Japanese battery powered vibrator.

Shag Factory Double Decker Ring
Review of the Double Decker Ring, a vibrating ring designed for use during intercourse.

Minna Ola
A review of the touch responsive Ola vibrator.

Gossip Ring
A review of the Gossip Ring, a wearable vibrator that looks like a rose petal ring but hides a vibrating secret.

A new high end rabbit style vibrator from JeJoue.

Smart Wand Vibrator by LELO
LELO's take on the iconic Hitachi Magic Wand may just be the most powerful, rechargeable vibrator on the market.

Leaf Life Vibrator Review
A discreet and powerful vibrator that you might just fall for.

Make Me Over Vibe
A high end discreet vibrator in the shape of a classic make up compact.

Trojan Midnight Multi-Position 5.3 Vibrator Review
A review of this mysteriously named vibrator from the makers of Trojan condoms.

Cupcake Vibrator
A review of an incognito, but not that discreet, vibrator in the shape of a bright pink cupcake.

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