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Form 2 Vibrator

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Form 2 Vibrator

The Bottom Line

Inspired by the rabbit ears from a Japanese classic, Form 2 is a unique external vibrator and further evidence that manufacturer Jimmyjane isn’t messing around. Two motors, one in each ear, operate separately and in unison and are controlled by an easy push button system that offers variable speed and vibration style. The vibratory effect is sort of erotically cacophonic, like there’s a small street festival going on in your vibrator. The Form 2 invites you to explore different ways of creating and experiencing external stimulation. Easy to clean, long lasting, body safe materials, and a smart and sexy charging unit.


  • Very powerful dual motors with easy to control variable speeds and styles of vibration.
  • The weight and matte finish of silicone produces is pleasureable to hold and use.
  • Unique rabbit ear design allows for a lot of variation in how you use the toy on the body.
  • Runs up to 7 hours on a single charge.
  • Waterproof, phthalate and latex free.


  • May be too powerful for first time users or those who prefer mild vibration.
  • Excellent for external stimulation, not so much for penetration.
  • High end product means high cost, out of reach for many.


  • Designed for external stimulation, Form 2 is designed for clitoral stimulation but is great for all bodies and body parts.
  • Made of phthalate-free silicone and stainless steel, fully waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery takes two hours to charge and runs up to seven hours on a single charge.
  • Four styles of vibration and three speeds are easily controlled by a push button system on the front of the vibrator.
  • Vibrator controls can be locked in the off position for safe sex toy travelling.
  • Comes with charger and detailed product information, and a three-year product warranty.

Guide Review - Form 2 Vibrator

When I first heard about the Form 2 I was excited, but wondered if the product would live up to the concept. It does, and with Form 2 Jimmyjane proves they can produce products that aren’t only pretty but powerful, functional, and practical. The Form 2 is the first in a promised series of rechargeable waterproof vibrators designed by Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden and designer Yves Behar.

The vibrator design was inspired by the rabbit ears from the classic Japanese rabbit vibrator vibrator. Other manufacturers have tried to take the rabbit off the shaft and present it as a toy just for external stimulation. But none of these have matched the quality of Form 2, and none added to the experience in the way that Form 2 does.

Form 2 builds on the fluttering ears in several ways. The ears don’t flutter as much as pulsate. Each ear is flexible, but the body of the vibrator is dense and the ears only move when significant pressure is exerted on them. The weight and feel of the toy is a departure from the gentle fluttering of other external rabbit vibrators. Form 2 feels good in your hand, even without the motors running. Most sex toys are held because you have to hold them, but the pleasure comes from the stimulation to other body parts. Form 2 probably won’t get you off just by holding it, but I keep finding myself picking it up and just playing with it in my hand (granted it’s here on my desk, and I’m a fidgety type).

I’m usually wary of marketing copy from sex toy manufacturers. But two promises about Form 2 are delivered. First is the “sensation in stereo” tag line referring to the dual motors, one in each ear. In one vibration mode the motors are in perfect unison, in others the motors vibrate together but at slightly different speeds and pulses, creating a kind of welcome erotic cacophony, like there’s a small street festival going on in your vibrator.

The second promise made is that “every surface is optimized for sensation and full-body contact”. Here too Form 2 delivers. What makes Form 2 a great sex toy from a user experience perspective is the way that it encourages users to try different things, to think outside their own sexual routine. Run one ear along the skin, or both. Gently tuck skin between the two ears or just use the tips of the toy. Even the stainless steel base of the Form 2 can create a different and pleasant sensation on the skin (it’s a bit colder than the rest of the toy).

My only complaint about Form 2, and Jimmyjane in general, is the cost. Because they use high quality materials, because they take much greater time and care in the design and production, and because they are a branded as a high-end manufacturer, most of their toys are around or above $100. I’m looking forward to the day that they bring their considerable creative talent to the challenge of making safe and beautiful toys that are also inexpensive.

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