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Zini Ran

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Zini Ran

The Bottom Line

The Zini Ran is power house luxury vibrator, and part of the first generation of products from Korean-based manufacturer Zini. A rechargeable silicone vibrator with two motors and a simple user interface (with a multi-colored LED display) the Zini Ran may not be the most original of designs, but the shape, power, and ease of use would make it a perfect choice for the right person.


  • Placement of two motors offers multiple options for internal (g spot) and external stimulation.
  • Rechargeable, no need for batteries, can be used while charging.
  • Handle is comfortable and controls are convenient for both solo and partner play.
  • Made of silicone and ABS plastic, durable, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean (splash proof).


  • The high price means I wouldn't recommend for first-time vibrator users.
  • Shape will not be to everyone's taste, given the cost you need to choose wisely.
  • Hard plastic core means there is no give or bend to the toy.


  • Rechargeable vibrator, takes two hours to charge and operates for two hours on a single charge.
  • Two motors have five speed settings and 15 pulsation settings
  • Vibrator can be put into "locked" mode so it won't turn on in transit or by accident in a drawer.
  • Comes in elaborate packaging, with lined sex toy bag, detailed instructions, and a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Guide Review - Zini Ran

The Ran is part of a first round of offerings from Zini, a new sex toy manufacturer targeting the high-end vibrator market. In some ways the toy looks and feels familiar. It's similar in shape to the LELO Gigi (buy direct) and in feel to LELO's Soraya. But to be fair, it delivers something different than either by combining a shape that can be highly pleasurable for vaginal penetration and functional and fun for clitoral and other external stimulation.

The silky finish on the silicone makes it a toy that may be as pleasing to hold in your hand as it is to feel running across other body parts. And while the designers went for a sort of cyber-flower look, what makes the Zini Ran such a great toy is really quite simple. It has an easy-to-use push-button interface, with three buttons: Two control the speed and the third controls the pulsation setting. The placement of the buttons is perfect whether you are using the toy on your own or using it on a partner. And it goes from mild enough for beginners to strong enough for even the most demanding of vibrator lovers. It's still no Hitachi Magic Wand, but it's as powerful as any rechargeable of similar size.

One of their gimmicks is that the controller is illuminated by an LED light, which allows them to assign a different color to every vibration mode (and so, as the accompanying materials say, you can simply remember your favorite color, and click your way to your favorite vibration mode). This seems, well, gimmicky, although if you're a visual learner, or have a more visual memory, it might be a bonus. I have to admit that the first time the colored lights came on in response to my button pushing, I was a bit startled.

As the vibrator market continues to mature, and consumers have more and more choices of high quality, well designed toys, the differences between them will begin to shrink. In this way Zini Ran, and the other toys in the company line may be a welcome but also confusing harbinger of things to come.

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